I know what you are thinking. 24 and working THREE jobs. How does she do it? The answer is simple... lots of coffee!

But seriously, time management is everything! And when I'm on the go, it helps to have my favorite skin and hair products there for me so I am always looking my best! Check out my hair and skin quizzes and let me help YOU achieve your DREAM hair and skin!

Top Picks

We are changing lives like never before!

We started this company by changing the way people care for their hair. We then took it a step further by introducing our Healthy Skin Revolution! Just when you thought we were done, we kicked it up a notch by launching or NEW Wellness Line.

Healthy Skin Revolution

I keep my skin healthy, clean, and hydrated by using my Be Gentle cleanser followed by my Revitalizing Essence water and my Be Balanced Moisturizer. For that extra feel good skin I use my Berry Scrub twice a week.

Healthy Hair

I used to keep my hair in a ponytail the day after washing it due to oil. Now my hair is down for 3 days before its time for a wash! Different shampoos and conditioners for different hair types and needs! Monat's Black 2-1 is my go to!

Power of Wellness

We have just launched our new wellness line designed to help you stay healthy inside and out! Keep your eyes open for our Sleep Drops coming soon!