Anne Dapa


My name is Anne Dapa. I will like to show you the exact ways to gain visibility online and increase your school's enrolment.

You will also have access to all my 21st century tools and documents.

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Complete Preschool Curriculum

complete early years curriculum with display cards, themes and description for use

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Early reading packages

Get the complete phonic guide course, the pink, blue and green series, the early years reading pattern.

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School Page Management

Let's take the stress off you. We will give your page a total make over and make it look professional for visitors and our goal is to make you gain more visibility and increase your school enrolments

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Facebook and Instagram Ad

Let your potential parents get to see you. We will run your social Ads for you.

Become visible to your potential clients.

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Content creation

If you want us to create the content for your page, you can subscribe to this.

Get the attention of your potential parents with your compelling contents.

Give them reasons to be part of you.

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School Marketing and customer service Training for Admin staff

Your customers are kings, train your staff to treat them just like one.

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Numeracy and Literacy Flash cards

Get colourful flash cards for your early years and grade level

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Give yourself the physical target to grow your school with the goal setting workbook.

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SCHOOL START UP (Preschool only)

Learn the rudiments of starting up your own Preschool. Starting from what to do and how to do it. Four weeks coursework, projects and assignments.

You will be given free Preschool Curriculum to help you Kickstart your Preschool business

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Would you like to get on the journey of starting your own school?

What you need to know and start with.

Join the 4 weeks school startup training and get started

Free British curriculum to kick-start your journey

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Edupreneuer Bootcamp

In this bootcamp, You will learn how to create, design, market and sell your own digital products. Join the next batch. Click on 'join class'

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Book a session with me

Sometimes you may know what to do and not how to do it. I'd love to walk with you on this journey of building a unique school.

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Preschool Online community

This is a membership club that gives you access to work with me directly in running a successful preschool business. In this community you will have access to my weekly Preschool trainings, support, materials (worksheets), arts and handsome materials etc. Membership to this club is #4999 monthly

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