Make everyday a better day

My pleasure to help people making a change to their life

Talking to people about myself is always difficult, but the interesting thing I love sharing with others who I am as well. You are probably asking who is this girl and what does she does in her life? Well, let me introduce you myself.
I am Dorvilus Anne Rose Claudine Dolce. I am from Haiti, an island where I had the chance to spend most of my childhood. I am a mum, lady boss, singer, business owner, I have a BBA in business Administration.
My passion is learning people what I know and help them level up. I allow all my time into helping others. I also enjoy music, YouTube, Instagram, FB and Tiktok.
Finally, I dedicate myself to my business; an experience that is changing my life in a brighter way.
What do I do?
I partnered with a luxury skincare and haircare company in December 2020 and little did I know how this was going to change my life and me make me grow!
It gives me the opportunity to do what I love which is helping people and let them get their hair & skin healthy, also show them how can they have a new income and a luxury life.
If having a glowing and healthier hair & skin is your concern or you are looking for an opportunity to bring change and growth into your life; Slide to the next page so we can get you started on your new journey!