About me

Hi, I’m Annette

Born and raised in beautiful Samoa🌴A mother of one to my handsome little boy Theseus. Dream to travel the world one day before I die 🤪Happily taken 🔒♡︎

My sweet boy ♡︎

No one will ever know the strength of my love for you after all you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside

Memories Captured with Love

My top three favorites

Sharing a few of my greatest memories with you that was captured in the moment ♡

Learning to be a Mum

Ohh the challenges I went through when I had Theseus at 21 years of age! Alot of tears, heartaches but most importantly so much love that I didn’t know I had in me. Watching him grow has been nothing but a blessing, he’s so loved by many people this lucky boy ꨄ

Graduation day in Port Vila, Vanuatu

When Theseus was 8 months I left him back in Samoa with my parents to move to Port Vila for scholarship. On my graduation day I didn’t have my parents to witness and share this moment with me but they kept me in their prayers and called me every day till the last day of school. So grateful for them to help me with Theseus while I was away for school ♡

Family First

I absolutely looooove family get togethers! We always get the chance to talk about the stupid things we use to do as kids and finding out what our elders did in their teenage days. I live for moments like this, blessed with the best ♡