Hello friend !

Healthier hair, Love the skin you’re in, Beauty from Within !

Hi! My name is Anne Ziegler. I am currently a Florida girl , by way of Colorado and New Orleans,La! I grew up in Nola and went to Denver for college. I loved it so much , I ended up staying for 15 years teaching 2nd grade . When our daughter , Payton , was born we decided to move to Florida to be closer to family ! ❤️ Two years later , Michael was born and our family was complete . I am so blessed to have 2 such amazing kids . We love to vacation through the US as much as possible . We all have such an amazing relationship with my parents and love sharing travels and adventures with them .

Photography is my #1 passion besides my family . I love capturing the moments in time that create lasting memories for families! I am also passionate about what we put in and on our bodies and have been on a chemical free journey for the past several years . It started with my ❤️ and obsession of Young Living Essential Oils. 🌱 If you know me , you know I love the oils, cleaners , ninxgia red , supplements, and makeup that YL has provided me over the years.
Recently , my good friend who is also into oils and toxic free living , introduced me to MONAT!! What an amazing company ! All of their hair, skin, and wellness products are 100% Vegan , free from animal cruelty and are Leaping Bunny certified! 🌱 I loved learning that they started the company to help cancer patients (and those with alopecia) have a healthy option to regrow the hair lost during chemotherapy . Love them even more !! In the short time I have used and researched their products, I can’t believe how much I love them. Not 1 product I haven’t loved.

It’s so important what we consume in our bodies , what we clean with , and what we put on our hair and skin . I don’t want to use products with carcinogens in them or are dyed or full of harmful fragrances . I am the gatekeeper of our home .
Let me help you in your wellness journey. I can help educate you on your hair , skincare, and wellness. Education is POWER! Let us walk & learn together friend ! ❤️