About Me

Hi I’m Annie. Plant based, health coach, & yoga instructor. I love quality time with family and friends, guacamole, margaritas, CrossFit, & naps - it’s all about balance right?

In 2017, stress consumed my life. I overthought and analyzed all my workouts, every single thing I ate and drank, was a full time college student, and had a part-time job. One morning I woke up with a Chronic Tension Migraine and continued to have one every single day for an entire year. I was on a different migraine medication every three months and I felt hopeless. My doctor would prescribe me new medication and say, "See you in three months" because that was how long it was going to take them to start working. One year, four medications, a CT scan, and an MRI later, my migraines didn't go away.

In April 2018, I went through the 90 Day Total Transformation with my aunt and two months after I completed the program, my migraines were completely gone. I was suppressing my stress and emotions so much, that my body was giving me physical symptoms to communicate with me. This program gave me the confidence to love and support my body in a way I never had before.

Within the past two years health & wellness has become my passion. I started eating a plant based diet, received two different yoga certifications - I completed a 200 Hour Teaching Training in October 2018 and a Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training in March 2019 & I completed my Health Coach Certification in October 2020. During those six months, I completed a Master Your Stress Certification as well.

My personal vision is to live a life where I am happy, healthy, and mindful while doing everything in my power to make everyone I connect with, feel the exact same way!

90 Day Total Mind + Body Transformation

Your roadmap to more body confidence through food & exercise.