About Me

Hi there! My name is Annie. I am a college student. I love to the word of God and draw people closer to it. If you ever have questions or need someone to talk to, I’m always here! I hope you enjoy what I write :)

We are called for more

Us as Christians, us as children of God have been called for more than we want to admit. Sometimes I think we ignore it. Because I think we don’t want to do it. Sometimes we don’t think we are captor doing it. But guys, we are! If we listen to the voice that’s saying,”You could never do that,” it isn’t the voice of God. It is the enemy saying it to you. I pray tonight that if anyone is feeling down or feeling like giving up, God is with you and will guide you to listen to his voice. God bless!

My Break

So, if you don’t know, I took a break for Instagram. I also took a break from Snapchat too. What I learned was good. I learned my value and my worth doesn’t come from how many people see my post. My likes and followers don’t matter. I might be going into more detail in another post. But I am doing good. My pain is all gone. My head space and emotions feel more clear.

Good News

So, I have good news. And all this goes to God because he deserves all the credit. My mentality is clear. I look at my mind and I am proud of it. I am handling something personal way better than I did the first time. And I see this as a second chance from God to make the right choice and to make my mind better. All this comes from God and it is a blessing from Him. All glory to God!