What is SARS and why ENDSARS

Police Brutality towards the Nigerian Youths has gone on long enough. Get to understand this hashtag.

First of all, What is this 'SARS'?
The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), found in 1992, is a Nigerian police force developed for the sole purpose of the detainment,investigation and prosecution of suspected criminals committing crimes such as rape, Internet fraud/scams, armed robbery, murder and so on.
Years after being established, the SARS initiative seemed to stray away from its purpose. They began to use unreasonable excuses to justify their so called investigations, and it came off as the harassment of the Nigerian Youths, excuses such as flashy hairstyles and clothes, expensive gadgets and sometimes even talking back gets them triggered.

Why do we want to#ENDSARSNOW?

Since 2016, the #EndSars became an online advocacy campaign to end the force's brutality in the country.
In 2018, the acting President of Nigeria, on hearing persistent complaints and reports, reformed the initiative to FSARS(Federal-SARS).
It's aim? Well, basically the same thing, but this time, human rights were not to be violated.
But nothing changed, if anything, it became worse.
On the 10th of August 2019, a pregnant woman was hit by a stray bullet after a reckless attempt by the force to arrest kidnappers.
On the 21st two officers were charged with muder after shooting two alleged phone theives.
Many have died in the hands of these SARS for years and Nigerian citizens have had enough.

Enough of the Pointless Massacres and False acquisitions leading to an unofficial arrest.
Enough of being profiled as a fraudster because of their way of dressing and the cars that they drive and the phones that they use.
Enough of using all means and threats to get bribes from innocent civilians trying to get through with their day.
Enough of innocent women being raped in exchange for their bails, and killing off those who cant meet their requirements.

So yes, we want to #ENDSARS and their Brutality. Now that you know what Nigerian Youths are fighting for, can you please fight with us?
Post on all Social media platforms, what you feel. You can also post the picture in this Article with the hashtags #ENDSARS #ENDSARSNOW #ENDSARSPROTEST

What is and why #ENDSARS?