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An evolving list of things I think are meaningful and important

AfroFeminist Data Futures

I am really proud to have served as an advisor for this research project, with Pollicy, exploring how feminist movements in Africa can be empowered through the production, sharing and use of data. This project is close to my heart and speaks to a lot of my interests. The team at Pollicy did an amazing job with this, and I’m lucky to have been involved!

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Reading to Transgress

An Afro-feminist reading community I started to create a space of freedom for feminist consciousness building. We centre the works of African feminist writers, scholars, and activists.

In engaging with the works of African women and women of colour, we will reflect critically on our own feminist journeys, how we relate to each other as women and how we can dismantle a world that is made to only accommodate some bodies (Ahmed).

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AWDF’s Online Repository of African Feminist Knowledge

Anyone who knows me knows I’m extremely passionate about ensuring that the wealth of knowledge African women create is as accessible as possible. Learning from our predecessors and from each other is the best way we can build our movements and African women are putting in the WORK to make sure that’s possible. AWDF is doing amazing work to enhance feminist organising across the continent, and this project is fantastic. If you’re look for papers and articles written by African women, this should be your go-to database.

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FRIDA Digital Care Resources

In addition to the incredible work FRIDA is doing to enhance youth-led feminist groups in the global south through funding, they’re also always on top on the game with the resources they create. I am living their new focus on digital mobilising and digital care. This set of resources is extremely handy for anyone who wants some insight into how to safer online, and how to improve your digital activism.

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The African Lookbook: 100 years of African Women

Catherine McKinley curated this amazing collection of photographs of African women over the past 100 years. Not only are the images stunning, this representation and history makes my heart feel full. As soon as I saw this, I bought it immediately! If you get it look out for the art pieces by Norwegian-Nigerian artist, Frida Orupabo that feature throughout.

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Power in Action: Feminist Podcast Playlist

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) put together this fire playlist of episodes from some of the best feminist podcasts around the world. I love the diversity of topics and moods here. The choices are provocative, soulful, inspiring, informative... pretty much everything you can think of. If you’re looking for something to listen to, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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