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a little about me...

hi! my name is anyueun and this is my blog website! I decided to create this website because I wanted to have a platform where I share some personal passions of mine (also I had a lot of spare time due to quarantine ·̑◡·̑ ).

so about me! I am a freshman at sfu, and I’m going to be studying SIAT (school of interactive art and technology)- this is basically art and design incorporated with technology! I like to draw and colour — my favourite colour is pink :) some other hobbies include: riding my bike, playing acnh, watching netflix and listening to music.

nice to meet you!

film journal —

a collection of some movies I’ve watched !

(most are reviews and recommendations but there are some analysis too so there might be spoilers!)

“Only Yesterday”

Directed by: Isao Takahata

Duration: 118 minutes

Plot: Taeko Okajima, an unmarried career woman living in Tokyo, takes a trip to Yamagata, the summer of 1981. As she travels, she reminisces of her childhood of 1966, and as she stays at the countryside, she adventures into what her true identity is.

I overall recommend this movie because it explores themes of self identity, coming of age and shows the importance of staying true to yourself. The movie is beautifully directed, as it displays the growth of Taeko through the artistic styles. I personally felt the movie expressed how sometimes you need to be nostalgic about your childhood times because that’s when your dreams are the fullest- and I really learnt a lot from this movie.
Also the movie was very calming and perfect to watch during quarantine :)


Director: Lenny Abrahamson

Duration: 118 min

Plot: After years spent in the confined little room, Joy and Jack venture on to find their freedom.

!!(Spoiler Warning)!!

I really recommend this movie because although it was shot mostly in one setting, this movie tells so much stories!

Firstly, the character of Joy is acted out very well by the actress, Brie Larson. Joy is a 24 year old, who has been kidnapped by a man named “Old Nick” for about 7 years. In those 7 years of isolation, rape and confinement, Joy has lost hope and gained other diseases such as malnutrition and depression. Her only hope is her son, Jack. Joy raises her 5 year old child by not teaching about the outside world- because to Joy the outside world is a bad place.
Joy’s depression is shown as the symbol of her tooth- Joy’s tooth falls out, but she doesn’t really care because her only focus is to her son.

Jack is a five year old boy who only knows life inside the old, small shed. The window is the only light source in this little room- the window symbolizes the outside world, curiosity and freedom. Jack is very playful and is very dependent to his “Ma”, Joy. Unlike Joy who has lived in the outside world before, Jack only lived in “room”. Also, Joy has only taught him about life in the room and not about the outside world. This can explain the lack of wisdom and knowledge Jack has to the outside world and what is considered “normal”.

After Nick and Joy return to the outside world, Jack finds it hard to adapt. He has known only life in Room and thinks that the complete expansion of life around him is abnormal. Joy, on the other hand, doesn’t understand why Jack doesn’t enjoy this luxurious life put out in front of him and is mad when Jack wants to return to Room. This shows character differences: Joy knows that the outside world is freedom, but Jack knows Room as freedom and the outside world as a fantasy.
Ultimately, Joy suffers from depression as she feels like she raised her son wrong, and as people point out that she could’ve given her son away so that the son could have had a normal life. I think this is significant because it shows how people from the outside are always quick to judge, and can’t even imagine what others went through- they just confine to what is considered normal. “Room” shows how the definition of “normal” can be situational through the characters’ journey.
Once again, Joy is saved by Jack and when Jack gives her his cut hair, she learns that Jack will always be there for her to be her hope.

At the end, Jack and Joy return to Room one last time and Jack remarks how it seems way more smaller than it used to be. This is significant because it reveals how Jack is now adapted to the outside world and his “normal” has switched to the open, outside world. At once a fantasy to Jack, the outside world becomes a reality to Jack. As he good-byes the possessions of Room, he lastly looks up at the window and greets it farewell. After that, the scene cuts to Joy and Jack walking out of the shed. This shows that the outside world that used to be just a small skylight has become an open door- many more opportunities to come.

This movie is cinematically beautiful and so well written! I really recommend!!

“Shutter Island”

Director: Martin Scorsese

Duration: 2h 19 min

Plot: Two USA marshals, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule are sent to a remote island for an investigation of a disappeared patient, but Teddy goes on to find a shocking truth about the island.

This movie is really brilliant, story-wise and cinematically-wise. It really messes with your brain and makes you question a lot. I love how the story was written- it is not expected at all, and I really like these kinds of plots. The acting was very well done as well- I was really surprised to find out Leonardo didn’t win an oscar for his performance in this movie. It was phenomenal and the character of Teddy Daniels was very complicated, but Leo did a very good job portraying that. I overall really enjoyed this movie, being a thriller and mystery I would love to watch more movies like Shutter Island. I really recommend you watch it!

“Lady Bird”

Director: Greta Gerwig

Duration: 1hr 35min

Plot: Christine “Lady Bird” Mcpherson is a teenage girl who experiences a lot of ups and downs and new relationships as she progresses into adulthood.

Review: This movie was the perfect coming-of-age movie. I was able to relate a lot to the main character, Christine (hey we have same names ·̑◡·̑ ) because this movie took place when she was in her senior year, transitioning into college. I related to the senioritis that was shown throughout, and overall felt comforting that some of the stress that I had felt during senior year was portrayed in the movie. This movie also shows great character development of Christine- it beautifully shows her transition from a child to an adult as she changes her mindset. The ending was beautiful and it made me appreciate my family and the small suburban town that I’m living in right now :). Overall recommend this cute coming of age movie!!

devotionals ♡ —

the book of Ruth

The book of Ruth shows the story of a Moabite named Ruth. It is shown from the perspective of Naomi who is widowed after her husband’s death. Naomi has two sons- one marries a woman named Oprah and another marries a woman named Ruth.
Both sons end up passing away as well, and Naomi experiences the deaths of all the men in her life. Naomi is often referred as the “female” Job, because Naomi has lost everything- all her hope. Yet, Naomi is strong and holds her faith to the Lord and instead of thinking of her grief, she puts Oprah and Ruth in front of her and tell them to find their happiness. Naomi displays the selfless love and strong foundation of faith towards God.

Although Oprah lives back to her mother land, Ruth stays with Naomi. Naomi urges Ruth to not stay with her but Ruth is firm and explains: “Where you go, I’ll go and where you stay, I’ll stay. Your people will be my people and your God, my God.” Ruth illustrates loyalty and determination. Even though she too has experienced death of her husband, she doesn’t return to her home and instead stays with Naomi.

The first chapter shows the grief and affliction Naomi and Ruth has experienced. Even Naomi quotes: “Why call me Naomi? (Naomi means pleasant) The Lord has afflicted with me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me.”
Reading this chapter and through the whole book of Ruth, I am amazed how strong Ruth is throughout. She exemplifies the perseverance and patience that we as christians should have towards the Lord. I tend to just focus on what I have lost, and my sufferings, and I always forget that the Lord has many more blessings ahead for me. Through perseverance, God has given Ruth blessings of a new family with Boaz and a family line on to David. This shows that God has a purpose for me and that I need to be patient and hard-working through my dark times.

Matthew 1-3

Today I started the 90 day New Testament bible reading! I have been wanting to read the bible and write devotionals all quarantine, but I haven’t been able to get motivation or they weren’t consistent. I started reading Matthew 1-3 with a small bible reading group and I really hope I am motivated all through the 90 days.

The book of Matthew is written by Matthew, one of Jesus’ disciples. He wrote to the audience of the Jews.

The first chapter of Matthew shows the genealogy of the Christ; it starts with Abraham and leads on to king David and to Jesus Christ. The importance of this genealogy in my opinion is that it really showcases God’s plan and purpose for each individual. Each person led to the line of Jesus, and this shows that God has planned this way before. Also, the people in the genealogy show diversity; there are gentiles and many others. This relates to the verse, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” (Galatians 3:28-29) God is inclusive with His purpose.

Matthews chapter 3 was also heartfelt for me because it talked about the importance of repentance. The past few months, I have been “busy” with myself. I wasn’t focusing my faith towards God, but rather myself. And although I was tired and in pain I didn’t seek God. Instead, I felt guilty about my sins and hid away from the Lord. If I had just repented and came forward to God, my heart would be healed more sooner, but I didn’t. I felt bad because I have been exposed to the idea of repentance since a young age, and it seemed as if I was more better at repenting, when I was younger than my present self. I learned a lot and prayed to God and He welcomed me with all the love and comfort. I am so grateful to have such a loving Father because He loves a sinner like me. I am going praise His name and remember this Scripture, so that I can always gain the confidence to repent to the Lord. I am excited for what the Lord has prepared for me!

Matthew 6:25-34

“Care and Anxiety”

I am an overthinking person. I sometimes overthink about what to eat for lunch, or overthink about whether I should take the earlier bus or not. But I also overthink a lot about people. I worry about what others think about me and what they are judging inside their heads. I have suffered from social anxiety since I was little- although it wasn’t recognizable, over time to started to consume me. With the stress I got because of school, I found myself at the lowest in my junior year of high school. I’ve had my first panic attack and several others counting from then, and I have actually never shared this with anyone. Not even my friends or family. This blog post is my first time recalling those times. I am not mentioning these things for you to feel pity for me, because I am recovering. I am explaining that I have felt like I had no hope or no purpose in this world. I felt like God was not answering or being unfair with me because it felt like my life was not like the others around me. Yet, I also never reached out to God because I developed trust issues to the point in which I couldn’t trust God. Yet the last passage of Matthew chapter 6 show me how to deal with my anxiety. It was like Jesus telling me that everything is okay.
“Look at the birds of the air, for they do not sow, nor do they reap, nor gather into barns. Yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much better than they?” (Matthew‬ ‭6:26‬)
He tells me that it is foolish to think that I am less valued or insecure about myself - because I 𝑎𝑚 valued and He calls me as His child. He provides me with endless blessings, but I have been blind. This also made me reflect upon the verse:
“But if your eye is unclear, your whole body will be full of darkness. Therefore, if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matthew‬ ‭6:23‬ ‭

I am so so thankful for the Lord in providing me with these scriptures. I had the heart to read more of His word and He provided me with the opportunity. And I had the longing to find peace with my anxiety and He gave me these words and welcomed me to His house. He has loved a sinner like me and gave me countless blessings, I am reminded that I need to trust in the Lord and seek His kingdom and live to glorify His name.

characters ! —

coco’s bunch !
coco, nen, clover and lou !
although very different personalities, they make up the best team! many more adventures to come...


coco is a shy bear that always like to be alone. being the introvert she is, coco likes being at home- especially hiding in her bed. coco is very creative and enjoys taking pictures or baking cookies.

coco is very close friends with nen, who introduced her to many different things- even clover and lou! coco is always there for her friends and is very loyal no matter what situation. you can trust on coco to be the one to listen to your story!


introducing nen! nen is a confident, friendly and overall fun-spirited friend. nen loves to listen to music - his playlist consists of 80s pop & rock! other hobbies include: skateboarding, playing tennis or going to parties just to hang out with people.

although nen is an outgoing person, he can be sincere and passionate to the people around him. he loves to listen to others and give advice to comfort them. nen helps to bring the fun spirit out of people who just need a little light in their life!


this is lou! lou is always the brightest in the room. she loves talking to people and learning about different cultures. lou loves nature and is always found in the forest, observing the birds. she also enjoys knitting, going to cafes or going to the beach with friends.

lou is good friends with the coco bunch, especially with nen as they joke around together a lot. lou always brings smiles to the people around her!


and lastly clover! clover is a shy but bright individual. he is very analytical and always plans ahead when going on trips. he likes things organized in a certain way. clover likes to read factual books, watch youtube or play video games in his free time. although clover is very friendly, like coco, he gains his energy from spending time alone in his office.

clover is good friends with nen, who introduced him to the other bunch. he likes to discuss with others about controversial topics as he likes a good debate. overall, clover is a good friend to have when you have burning question you can’t get off your head!

city coco ✧•̀.̫•́✧ —

wallpapers !

“city coco” reveals more about coco’s character. although the city is a place many people find exciting, coco feels overwhelmed and alone- even with all that is going on around her. what coco likes to do, is watch the cars go by and think to herself.

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how to use:

hold down on the image and click on “add to photos” to save the image!

here are some examples of how you can use this design!

nen’s playlist —

wallpapers !

“nen’s playlist” introduces nen’s character! it shows nen resting next to his trustee, stereo, listening to his summer playlist. nen shows that sometimes, it’s perfectly fine to reward yourself to some fun in the sun!

iphone ver. (아이폰)

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use this design as a cute wallpaper!
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summer lou 🌱 —

wallpapers !

“summer lou” reveals what lou does on her days off. lou’s favourite season is the summer- she loves travelling to places filled with nature and admire the beauty. there is so much to explore with nature and here lou shows you how to enjoy nature’s unpredictable fun!

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you can use this design as a wallpaper like this ! :) have fun

clover’s ideas 💡 —

wallpapers !

“clover’s ideas” show clover at his house. he is thinking about his future and what might happen next. this shows how clover uses his time mostly thinking about his life. he loves to plan ahead and is constantly thinking of new ideas. what new idea do you think clover is thinking of? 🏠🤍❔🐻

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last summer night 💫 —

wallpapers !

coco’s bunch meet up together and enjoy their last summer days.
look up at the stars ! what do you see? can you see the moon? oh look, there’s saturn ! quick ! make a wish at the shooting star !
what did you wish for?
i wish that we will stay forever young... let’s cherish this night and keep in the locket of our hearts forever 💫

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iphone ver. (september calender ver.)

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ipad ver. (non calender ver.)

samsung ver. (september calender ver.)

samsung ver. (non calender ver.)