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It's time to put your food on the map!

Has your restaurant decided to break into the new realm of allergy-friendly foods? Starting to bake that gluten-free bread and notice it just hasn’t been turning out? Or maybe you can’t figure out why your food cost is so high? As a consultant with nearly 15 years of industry experience, let me assure you of this: you are not alone! When your head is down and you’re doing day-to-day production, it is hard to see the patterns that are costing you time and money.

Set up a Kitchen Consulting Session today to talk to a food expert and get your restaurant, cafe or bakery on the right track!

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Wellness Coaching

Honoring the mind, body, and spirit

Living in a world that hyper-classifies our food sources with labels, regulations, GMOs, subsidies, taxes, etc, it is no wonder that individuals are struggling to find unity within their bodies.

Working with a coach can give you a fresh look at your everyday habits and routines. Together we will create a compassionate and gentle process to break through and break out of the “blah” feelings that have been slowing you down or preventing you from experiencing your full potential.

Meet Natalie

Anywhere wellness and consulting

Hi, my name is Natalie Sue and I am the Anywhere Chef. For a while, I branded myself as the Vanlife Chef - living full time in my van and hosting a cooking show from my 3' by 3' tiny kitchen. I was struggling with the business because I found myself cooking in so many different spaces depending on the day of the week. I would cook Anywhere my friends were or in the Van if I was solo (or hosting!). It became too isolating to cook in my van so often - I love people and love to cook for them.
When browsing a thrift shop with my sisters, we stumbled upon a fry pan brand Ware-Ever and we all looked at each other. We knew it! I was the Anywhere Chef cooking wherever!
My mission hasn't changed. I still aim to teach folks how to cook in any space big or small, indoors or outdoors, front- or backcountry. However, now, I have added in Wellness Coaching to provide a Holistic approach to food. We are more than our physical body. We are mind, we are spirit, we are emotion, we are physical, and we are mental.
Working with me, together we will explore what nourishment means in your life, establish goals, and work towards them with full support.