This is me...

....and my reasons why

Heeeeyyy!! My name is Anuhea (Anu or Anz for short). I was born in Hilo, Hawaii and raised between Hilo and O’ahu throughout the years. Completely two different lifestyles. I’m just a simple 30 year old with many dreams and goals. Joining MONAT was a choice I made and it has been the best investment made in all years of my life. Not only am I using this platform to “make extra money”, but also to build my self-confidence a lot more. MONAT and my reasoning for joining, is a lot more than making money. Helping others feel better about themselves by making them fall in love with healthier looking and feeling skin and hair. The perks of joining MONAT, I got to meet amazing, motivational, empowering women. Something I don’t regret one bit.

Last year June/July, I had faced some big changes with my hair. My hair being already thin as it was, I went through major hair loss. Trust and believe, it was really depressing to go through. Washing your hair and having chunks of hair coming out. It made me lose sooo much confidence in myself for awhile, trying to cover it up with wearing hats everywhere I’d go. Soon enough I just had to suck it up and deal with it.

Having to deal with super thin and dry hair, joining MONAT has been a blessing to me. I see the difference. I feel the difference. My goals are to help you feel better about not only your skin and hair, but YOURself as a whole❤︎

❥JOIN OUR TEAM! Make a difference. We’re all here for each other one way or another.