About Me ➡️

Freelance Creative, Entrepreneur

Hello world! Thanks for stopping by!

You can call me Cheng and I am a freelance creative and entrepreneur living in sunny Singapore.

I spend most of my time around different forms of media and the most common one being a musician.

I love spending time with people who are close to me and one of my life goals is to be financially abundant so that I can be with my loved ones whenever and wherever.

My life was first transformed by music and recently transformed again by Ketones.

I’d love to hangout and talk to like-minded individuals who are passionate and hungry for the next adventure in their lives.

Cheng’s Top Gadget Picks!

Things that I trust and use on a daily basis.

I’ve gone through a lot of gadget changes over the years and I usually get asked on what kind of gears I use. So I decided to come up with this list for everyone who’s curious!

These are mostly affiliate links and I get a small commission for all the purchases you make through my links.

Thank you so much for supporting me! It really means a lot!!!

My Desktop Audio Interface

I use SSL2 for my home and my work every single day. Superb sound quality for the amazing price. No regrets.

My Audio Mixing Headphones

I fell in love with this pair of Nuemann NDH20 that’s perfect for live music mixing. I use it for all my live shows now!

My Cable Management Tray (No Drilling)

I use a quartz table top and I’ve never liked drilling in the first place so I searched high and low till I found this perfect cable management solution for my desk.

I just need to clamp and secure it to my table! No drilling required!

My Desktop Studio Microphone Boom Arm

I’ve tried a few budget studio boom arms and they never lasted me more than 6 months. So I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this studio boom arm instead. No regrets since then.

My Webcam

I’ve been using this webcam for all my zoom meetings and livestream shows from my little home studio and I have no complaints for the price.

My Desktop Controller

I manage a lot of livestreams from my own home studio and many times I need to depend on my Stream Deck to toggle between different livestream scenes and it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my desk setup.

My Talkback Microphone

I will always recommend a dynamic microphone if your place is not treated acoustically. The one that I went for is the Sennheiser E835-S with a on/off switch which comes in really handy when you’re in Zoom meetings and you’re just lazy to press mute.