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I am a Navy veteran of 5 years. Being in the Navy taught a lot about what I wanted out of life and myself, and there are two lessons that stuck out. 1. It taught me life is too short to not work in a field that fulfills you. 2. It taught me what dedicated hard work looks like and engraved that in me. I decided after some soul searching I wanted to have a career in the field of animals. I went to Veterinary technician school and got my degree and my license in Georgia once I moved here. I simultaneously started pet care through Rover while in Pittsburgh and a few companies including my own when I moved here! I do enjoy being a nurse, but I enjoy the personalization I get with the pets and owners doing pet care. I have taken two courses online in dog training, one specifically in Clicker Training by the certified trainer Karen Pryor, and the other in dog specific characteristics and how to handle them. Although I am not yet a certified trainer, it is a goal and I study it often, I will help with the knowledge I have if I can! I study canine behavior daily.

I truly believe animals are a gift to us. Their loyalty and love is irreplaceable. It is something you can only find in owning a pet. I would love to help care for your dog, cat, small mammal, or reptile! I have owned and cared for a variety of pets, and if I have not yet met your specific pet of joy, I am not afraid to learn from your guidance! I am very interested in animal behavior and naturopathic care. I can give your pet any special food or medication they need, and feel free to tell me anything special you want your pet to have and I’ll do my best to make it happen! Cannot wait to meet your best friends! Thank you for taking the time to look into my pet sitting service.

••••I have a small dog pool and plan to get some agility training equipment this summer!••••

••••If mom and/or dad allow I will give your pets frozen stuffed Kongs and lick pads for enrichment activities!••••

*I do require the DHPP and Rabies within 3 years or titer testing to be done. I leave non-core (kennel-cough, influenza, lepto, and Lyme) up to owners discretion. Anytime there are multiple dogs there is a chance of dog flu or influenza being caught, and being in the swamp land there can be ticks in the area.)*

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