Ash and I run a $70k + (plus) a month investment concierge firm specializing in finding investment opportunities for clients looking to profit in the Realestate world.

I am founder, president and CEO of AXE Partners. I thank God everyday for the dreams I turn into reality. There is nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it. Hard working and determined I have always been one to strive for anything I put my mind to. Having been diagnosed at 6 months with a rare condition called Vasa Previa, I knew there was no obstacle I could not overcome when on bed rest in the hospital confined for 9 weeks I turned my private suite into a full blown office , printer, board and meetings were held as I was hooked up to an IV on 24 hour watch. As you can imagine I barely slept.

We have flipped ( took a huge hit) have been landlords and hated every second of it so now we focus on buying self storage facilities. Currently working on 241 units! Previously ran a credit repair company where I removed $50k + of student loans in various cases. ( soon to release this company under new branding)

I work hard, enjoy life and when I can indulge on my vices ; travel and food. I am a restaurant and hotel snob , proud of it!

$150-200k+ months is my goal by end of 2020! We were right on track in March but due to Covid we were forced to switch things around and let the bad seeds go. LIFE!

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