Happy Birthday Sufia!

20 years ago today the world was blessed with your presence

Kejap je rasa dah besar dah opie now ure older than me gurl🤧✋🏻 I hope u enjoyed ur special day today and celebrated with ur lovely fwens and family :3 I really wish the happiest birthday to you bb thank you for always being there for me :) Selalu dengar me rant and vent anddd i will also be there for u (still trying the best i could altho lambat most of the time😔) but i just want u to know that u could rely on me at all time okie! uve shown me a side of the world no one else has ever did, made my asasi life something to ponder upon, something i could carry a piece of meaningful moment in my life and id like to thank you for that :) thank you for existing sebab i read somewhere that introverts dont make friends, an extrovert came and took them in, so thank you for taking me into ur life, giving me a chance to know u better up until this day and more to come (inshaAllah :D) I wish u the best in ur studies! Ik ure trying ur best so dont give up when everything seems to let u down >:( trust the process bb u can do this!✊🏻 I doakan u berjaya always, dunia dan akhirat🤍 Also wishing you a long lasting relationship *wink* nanti majlis jangan lupa jemput hehe doakan aku pula pasni😔👉🏻👈🏻 Im not really good at wishes tbh but i hope this passes ur bday vibe check👀

*psst* I made a little something for u ummm i hope u like it🦦

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