Hey Friend, it’s Araseli!

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I would love to share with you a little as to why I decided to join this business 🥰

At the beginning of 2020, I was deciding and thinking of a way I was going to help my fiancé financially. We had just had our first son In November of 2019, so I knew it was time to find a job. I didn’t want to leave my little boy alone, or at a daycare where I would miss those special milestones that I knew were coming. My fiancé said I did not have to go back to work, but I did not enjoy being home and not helping financially. I am currently a college student, so finishing school was our main priority, and he said that once I would graduate, I could go back to work. Thinking about it, that would be until May of 2021! So, I had to find a way.

I stumbled upon someone who was doing what I wanted to do! She was earning an extra stream of income while being home full time. I reached out to her, and she mentioned she was a Brand Ambassador for a health and wellness company, and I was so skeptical once she said that! It was not until nearly 4 months after when I decided to take a leap of faith on June 1 and jump in. I knew my why. My why was my family. I wanted to continue to make memories and not be tied down to a 8 hour shift that could be extended and even had to compromise my weekends. I still didn’t think this was a right for me, since I was an introverted individual, but I was ready for whatever was thrown at me.

I jumped in, and I never looked back! Within my first month, I earned my shopping spree, and since June, I have been making a monthly income that has helped with bills, groceries, date nights, or whatever was he time to help pay off ❤️ I have lost weight with our products as well (16+lbs) and still counting! I have made several friendships, becoming more confident in myself, and learning so much! I will forever be thankful for this opportunity! 🙌🏼✨

What Income Would Change Your Life?!

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