How it all started..

During my work with women in Somalia a few years back, I had the depressing realization that not only have women in this current time faced oppression but generationally in our own ancestral lineage. Some of the burdens and blocks I’ve carried with me in life we’re the wounds of women before me. I decided to leave the system I’ve been conditioned to trust, and took it upon myself to learn how to be more in tune with my intuition, to trust myself
My soul lead me to travel to lands it energetically craved to be emerged in, my soul guided me to my soul tribe and when my ego lead me astray life handed me lessons that broke me but lead me back on my divine path stronger. When reiki was presented on this journey I had found my light for when things got dark. What was a beautifully painful experience suddenly became manageable. Using reiki as a tool I was able to go further with and understand my soul journey in a new way filled with immense light and love.
Healing myself didn’t just become a priority to better my life but it became the source to assist healing those souls who are and were unable to. Through the ancient healing practice of reiki ,we open ourselves up to a healing journey to reunite you with your authentic self. In order to restore balance on mother earth we must work on our own individual healing work.


'That which is a mystery shall no longer be so, and that which has been veiled will be revealed;that which has withdrawn will emerge into the light and all women shall see and together they shall rejoice’Alice Bailey

An ancient healing technique that works through the practitioner to channel light force energy to restore the natural energetic balance in your body.

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After care / what to expect  —

Everyone’s healing is different just like their journeys.

•Stay hydrated more than usual
•Be mindful of signs! The universe is assisting you throughout your journey listen to your thoughts
• Keep a dream journal 🔝
•Be kind to yourself.. for many a lot of repressed emotions will start to resurface, breath and know you are not alone.

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