Me and my self

Story of my life

Hi, my name is rain, I was born ***** on August 12, I have two brothers. My father was very happy when I was born, he named my last name putri Because he has a daughter in this family that is me. I started school when I was 7 years old. I used to play games all the time but mom didn't scold me because I always got first place in class.My father treats me like a princess, and my father is a king. We always play roles and it's so much fun. Unlike my brother, he's not very close to dad, but he's close to mom and vice versa. After that my teenage years started where I wanted to know everything I wanted to try, and a high curiosity, my mother always allowed me whatever I wanted but she also watched over me. Then I had appendicitis when I was in middle school, but now I'm cured. My father rarely plays with me because his work is always busy and so is my mother. My two brothers are already working, they are rarely home, and I am alone. I decided to keep myself busy playing with my friends following the various Olympics.But the silence that sounded loud in my ears was too strong, I really miss my childhood where my father always called me to play with him in the yard, Mom who always makes cakes, my brother who always teases me until I cry but he loves me Yes, that day where it all ended and I still remember it

Story about me