The Corrupted Archive's Anomaly Case —

Deadly data that can control human minds.

According to the intercom, the anomaly surfaced due to the previous attack of the firewall.

A witness has stated that whenever the anomaly is around, any devices wireless communication signal will be jammed as soon as the anomaly comes near at a 25 meter radius from any technical gadgets.

There has been evidence that once the signal comes back, the signal becomes so strong that the device may heat up and explode. It is advised to turn off any affected devices immediately and wait for the anomaly to disappear before using your device again.

The anomaly itself causes no harm other than the signal jamming, but exercise extreme caution, as there's still a lot we don't know about the anomaly.

As for now, no further data has been gathered by the intercom. Please contact us immediately if you come in contact with this anomaly.

The anomaly's source has been traced by the intercom, and new info has been gathered.

The anomaly was originally an image file uploaded into the archives by a user called "hecker_".

hecker_'s whereabouts is currently unknown as it seems that the user has been using a virtual machine and a virtual private network to surf the internet.

What we know is that user hecker_ uploaded an image with the file name of:


And the photo was uploaded in the archives at the 7th of May, 8:32 AM

From what we've seen, the image contains a man wearing a black baseball cap and a black jacket, with blood smeared all over his body.

He seems to be holding up a bloody knife on his left hand. But given that the image seems to have been taken from the front camera of a smartphone, we believe that the image is flipped and the man in the image is right handed.

According to the file name of the image,
the photo has been taken exactly at the 7th of May, 8:32 PM. given that 2021 is the year, It means 2032 is the time which is 8:32 PM in 24 hour format.

While analyzing the details of the photo, we noticed that if we take into account the timezone of the photo's file name, and the fact that the anomaly strikes at night time, we can deduce that anomaly is currently inside asia.

But did you notice something odd?

If we look back, user hecker_ uploaded the image on the archives exactly at 8:32 AM.

Since the archives website is hosted from the US, and the fact that the time difference is exactly 12 hours, then we can deduce that the anomaly is currently inside Philippines.

As for the anomaly, it's possible that user hecker_ is the anomaly itself, assuming that it would be impossible for hecker_ to obtain the photo of the anomaly if the anomaly is in contact with him, given that the anomaly jams the signal.

But if hecker_ is the anomaly, then it can freely upload the image because it's signal interference wouldn't have worked in an extremely close distance, probably as a defensive mechanism.

In conclusion,

The anomaly is a corrupted data from the recent breach of firewall, and the anomaly manifests into the person in contact with the jammed smartphone.

Which means that the person in the photo is hecker_ himself and the anomaly probably manifested itself inside hecker_'s mind.

The anomaly can control the mind of the human it manifests itself to.

Which indicates that the anomaly controlled hecker_ and murdered someone, then uploaded the photo in the archive.

The dangerousness of this case became even worse and we advise everyone to turn off their phone's internet connection when going outside, and always bring a self defense weapon, in case you come in contact with hecker_ which is controlled by the anomaly.

If anyone can stop and apprehend the anomaly,

We'll forever be grateful...

And you will be rewarded.

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