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personal hair care routine

updated 04.05.21

to promote circulation and stimulate hair growth
• every or every other evening, before braiding for sleep
• I use a brush with wooden bristles and natural rubber to prevent static and distribute/absorb oils
• remember it is normal to shed ~100 hairs per day, when brushing or washing less it'll seem like you are losing more due to accumulation
consult a physician if you are experiencing an abnormal condition like extreme dry scalp, fungal flakiness, or excessive hair loss

• every 7-10 days
• brush scalp and hair the evening or day of washing - cuts down on shower shedding
• wet hair completely and apply Afterworld Organics Hair Glow Cleansing Cream scalp to ends and gently clip my hair up and let sit until the end of the shower. when ready, remove the clip and use the pad of my fingers or Hairstory silicone scalp brush to massage my scalp all over. then rinsing thoroughly with very warm water, really using my hands to insure all the cleansing conditioner has been rinsed out
• every other or every third wash I will use Innersense Beauty shampoo and conditioner for a deeper cleanse
*** I only wash when I feel my scalp / hair need it, kind of treating it intuitively and not on a set schedule. brushing regularly, C&K Tonik, and occasional uses of Hairstory Powder helped me to create this (lack of) routine ***

• keep my hair up in a towel wrap or shirt until applying products
• applying Tonik directly on scalp as well as all over
• as my hair is easily weighed down but has a bit of texture I use a small amount of Innersense Beauty Quiet Calm Curl Control warmed up between palms and then applied by sandwiching hair and gliding down the length. sometimes I will finger comb at this stage.
• I use the same product on my fingertips to help set my bangs in place
• when I have the patience and attention I will finger coil / define curls, particularly around my face, and lightly scrunch my hair all over.
• air dry, defuse when needed
• when refreshing I use a fine mister with water to give all over dampness and adding a salt spray or cream/balm --- literally whatever I feel like my hair needs

• Tonik as a scalp refresh / treatment, applying directly and working around with fingers
• Hairstory Powder used in bangs if they're a bit oily
• C&K Balm for definition / separation of flippy bits and ends
• C&K Jelly or Afterworld Organics Texture Mist added internally for volume
remember -
> moisture comes from water - creams, oils, and gels can help lock it in
> the most sustainable option is the one you already have. use what you have, unless it is causing irritation or not fitting your needs

arden dale

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my ultimate goal is to discover the best haircut and/or color for longevity and low maintenance - with focus on softness and dimension