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What is holistic health coaching?

A health coach serves as a “guide on the side” to support and educate you on your personal health and wellness journey.
While dietary nutrition is discussed, there’s a larger focus on non-food forms of nourishment like career, relationships, physical activity, and spirituality. We assess a your overall well-being together and come up with recommendations to help enact basic health-supportive modifications.

About Ardeo

So what can health coaching do for me?

Most people know what they should be doing to lose weight and be healthy - Eat more greens, drink more water, and sweat every day. While this may seem simple, we all know that it is anything but. Why?

This is what holistic health coaching targets. We transform your current unproductive habits into positive and high vibrational habits. When you uproot these familiar, comfortable habits it can be extremely confrontational and scary for your subconscious, who will then try its very best to drive you to self-sabotaging behaviour. Most of the time you won't even realize you're doing it until it is done.

Having a health coach to not only keep you aware of your subconscious behaviour, but also give you powerful, simple tools to reshape it, can be ultimately life changing.

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About Ardeo

How are health coaches different from other health practitioners?

Many people don’t have intensive medical conditions but really need guidance with their health. This support doesn’t have to come from a nutritionist or registered dietitian, especially when often what people need is accountability and coaching to implement changes. Health coaches know how to live in a healthy manner, incorporate health foods and exercise, and help people find balance.

Unlike a therapist, who uses mental health tools to analyze, diagnose, and treat mental health behaviours, a health coach simply serves as an active and supportive listener, utilizing core coaching skills to ask questions that allow clients to discover their own challenges and solutions.

Though life coaches have similar approaches, they have general training in a wide variety of areas, whereas health coaches receive intensive training and specialize in aspects of life that impact a person’s health.

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