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A little about me ~

Hi y’all! I’m Ariana and I am 23 years old. I want to thank you for checking my page out and joining me for this journey! Proud dog mom of 2. And I am also a college graduate. I currently live in South Tampa, FL.

I worked in the corporate world full time up until Covid hit last year. I lost my recent job only two months in due to cutting down employees and closing departments. It was so devastating and so stressful trying to figure out how I would meet ends meet on all my bills. So I decided to take control of my future, and ever since I did, I refuse to look back!

I’ve been in your shoes where you see everyone bossing up around you. I was hesitant at first, but since I decided to take control of my future, I now have that financial freedom, I can travel whenever I want, and I do not worry about showing up for that 9-5! Being free from the corporate world I have surrounded myself around so many empowering women. And I plan to help women achieve their full aspirations and change their lives for the better just like this business did for me.

Are you ready to boss up and make some life changes?
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So stoked to have you here and can’t wait to get to know you 💛