My Story

Why I chose this nutrition?

I started this nutrition with the hopes of feeling better about myself and to gain motivation and stop feeling tired all the time. I chose to build a different version of myself because I was just so tired of being tired every day. .
I never had any energy to do anything and when I worked out (not very much😣) I never liked it. I had a terrible diet, I could say I ate fast food almost every day if not every day.

I decided to make a change because I really felt like my life was just passing me by and never had the energy to do more than to get through the work week and nothing else.

I only waited for the weekend so work could be over and that I could sit at home and watch tv or just to sleep in and even after sleeping 8hrs+ I would still be feel exhausted for no reason 😓. .

Nothing gave me energy or motivation to do anything even red bulls wouldn’t do it for me😩. I started with the Herbalife Nutrition because I just wanted to have more energy & my brother told me about their amazing tea & aloe that gave him so much energy and made him feel great so I ordered it almost the next week 😅😅 that’s how much I wanted to get out this crazy state that I was in. .

After that I tried their shakes and gave it a shot to lose some pounds ( I didn’t expect much because I had tried so many diets before and nothing ever worked for me 🥴🥴) but I was so wrong about this nutrition 😱😱I got to see results after a month and 1 week ( I really have a slow metabolism sadly) but I was soo amazed that I had lost 10lbs during that time!! I decided to keep going. .
Omg I could go on and on about how amazing this change was for me but I don’t wanna bore y’all 😂 the point is I am so grateful that I no longer feel ugly and tired & unmotivated that I wanted to share it with u🥰🥰🥰 .
If you want any info about this amazing nutrition just ask away!!🙂

My Results

I became my own motivation!

My results

30 lbs gone!!😱

Choose the best version of yourself!