About Me

Embody your highest self worth for a wild, free and juicy life

As a certified transformation & empowerment coach, a mystic and singer, songwriter. I love to bring my unique blend of mysticism, empowerment and creativity into the work I do.

I ultimately believe self worth and the way we see ourselves is everything, and is the core piece to the lifestyle we lead, the relationships we have and the abundance we attract.

This is a piece that shows up again and again as a gateway to whatever desires someone may have.

And truly addressing how worthy we feel can quantum leap us into a whole new way of being, receiving and living. With ease.

I work holistically integrating psychology, mysticism and deep grounded inner work to create rebirth and evolution to your most empowered self.

The real you that you are proud of when you look into the mirror, the you that magnetises the desires you want with ease, the you that radiates effortlessly when you walk into the room. The you that feels full, free and at peace in your life. The you that has deep, delicious and connected relationships. The you that attracts the prosperity that fulfils and satisfies you.

My mix of having an Indian heritage and also living in London has allowed me to mix both ancient eastern, and modern western practices. That I have experienced and trained in, to create my courses, programs and events.

♏Being a scorpio and a projector in human design I love to dive incredibly deep into everyone I work with and everything I create to bring about powerful transformation and evolution.

♓My Pisces moon keeps me connected to the ether and unseen parts of our individual psyche and collective consciousness to understand the hidden and influential factors at play

♊My Gemini rising allows me to be in front of people, run virtual events, perform and be the host of my podcast Mind Ascension.

🪶I would love to see the shift in humanity to prioritising self worth internally instead of relying on never ending external factors and coping mechanisms.