Hi I’m arielle ( peaple call me ari)

Facts about were I share about my life ( I’m 28)

Hi I’m arielle consgralla céce and im here to share about my life growing up and stuff like that so I am from California and mom Stephane cèce and dad Ethan cèce and we weren’t that rich growing up in fact we weren’t poor either but on a pretty tight budget. Whitney Houston was a big inspiration at the time and I would listen to her on the radio every day ever sense
I was six (1999) always put the music on a cold relaxing day!!

groth of success ( with a lot of trama


Hey I’m Maddison and I love playing the piano and playing the violin and I’m horrible at it and I loveeee mariah Carey. I was born in 2007 January 21 in Louisiana, spring field. When I was 4 I was in a soccer team with these really nice girls melissa and arielle and that’s how me and arielle became besties. In 2010 Melissa had cancer and she was struggling and in 2012 I got a call from arielle at 3 in the morning and I heard sobbing and her word made my phone drop and crack the words were “ Melissa died” i crys my heart out and hung up and told my mom and she was in SHOCK and it was so much chaos. The next day me and arielle wha to out and ate and talked and the next day we planed her funeral in melissa’s room and 7 days later we went to her funeral and and cried but in 2016 I was up at 2 in the morning calling arielle and i asked her when should I make my business and she said right now! We worked hard on it and I make graphic drawings like me and Ari and Melissa and peaple like that untill 2 years later I make great drawings and became a model and stop drawing but I still draw now and then but a year later arielle had cancer for a month and I was there to help them a lot and 9 years later i have a daughter named Kendall and she is a really good daughter and I met her dad a year before she was born and his name is derk and he was a hottie and a sweetheart and yeah and arielle had a daughter dream and true and arielle had a man named Max. We go on double dates a lot and yeah that’s my life hope you injoy

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How to style an outfit

I suck at this lol 😭🤚🏼

Hey everyone so this may not work for everyone but I hope it works :) okay so first you need to go on Pinterest and search up your aesthic and pic a few outfits and think about what outfit u like the most and choose that pic for inspo!! Now you always have safari or those websites and yeah, but you can also find a style by matching your clothes!! This can help a lot and make you feel more confident and comfy!! It’s hard to find something your size and that but if you feel confident then that’s that period. I hoped this helped!! 🤍☁️🛍🥋

I have a problem

How to save your money

“ I wish I can save up..” well you can by reading this! Spending Ik can be a very easy thing to do, but you need to save so u can buy need things you need!! Okay so how to do so is first not really to presure your self to save up. Because first off it will not help at All. it will crave you to spend alot! Second, dont really think about your money alot. It will get your mind on other things like school, friends and stuff like that. I hope those helped because they helped me so I want to give back!! Love you :) 🥋🦋💸

Tip on how to buil on a bloxburg house

DONT USE TO MUCH PASTEL (quote from lia)

Hello everyone I’m here to help with your bloxburg house!! Okay so I’m going to start off with basically not using pastel all around your house WILL HELP trust me you will need that tip! Second tip is USE A COLOR SCHEME!! this will help so much trust me it works. 3rd is to not have to much of a straight house. It will look very weard and odd! And lastly work hard and have fun!! Hoped this helped

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The DARK side of fame

spillacha here!

Have you ever wanted to be famous? Wanted money to give back? To be noticed? To have a big PLATFROM? well mabye what if you were famous? Would you regret it...? Well were gonna talk about the dark side of fame! People like charli damelio, avani Gregg, Addison rae are some victoms of this. Fame is a pretty good success but causes a lot of damage! It causes the main anxiety. Anxiety causes you being Afraid of going on social media or being addicted to hate comments! It can also make you to be above the limit and stay in your room for a long time! depression is another! It causes you to cry and like anxiety you will probably stay in your room a lot. Ariana Grande is a nother victom. After her and Mack Miller broke up she still supported him. A month after there split he died. Ariana was sad and shared some throwback videos/photos of him and her BUT instead of the internet taking her side they blamed it all on her! saying that she KILLED MACK! ikr ironic. Did that change your mind about fame? Well if it didn’t then I wish you the best! Love you bye!

How to get all a’s

By Jhett Jenkins

Hey everyone so today I wil be showing you about how to get all a’s so first you basically have a clean place to study at!! This helps because it helps focus more and get your work done!! Second if you can download notion. It’s a notes websites and it dose help a lot with studying. Third use a timer of how long your gonna study! This helps so you will not have to study for hours. Fourth. PAY ATTENTION ON CLASS!! this can help for notes and stuff. Last but lot least fifth: go to sleep early and have an alarm to wake up! It will help you be productive and have more time to be ready. I hope you enjoy byeeeee 🥋☕️🦋

How to be a good parent

Mogan congrass

Hey everyone I’m here to teach you about how to be a good parent! So first breast feed your baby!! This helps ALOT!! This is how your baby gets food

Report about kourtney kardashion

By Jhett Jenkins

Kourtney kardashion was born in Lost Angeles on 1979 sadly kourt dosent have any hobbies. Kourtney has 3 kids mason, Penelope, rain. she was in the reality show “keeping up with the kardashion”

How to pack. —

Daina tiquras

Hey I’m daina and we are going to pack together!! First Wallet!! You need your wallet in you everything it’s very important

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What to pack


“I don’t know what to pack on this trip to Italy!!”
Well I gotcha so you want to get your bag and organize your stuff like clothes, shoes ect. Then put then in different spots like small things such as charger, earbuds, phone, camera ect are good things to put there. Big things such as iPad or laptop, shoes, chothings are good to put in that last pocket. Your all packed your ready for your trip!! Have fun