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“Every flower must grow through dirt”

Hey it’s your girl Ari, if you’re here for help with your hair or skin you’ve come to the right place

A lil bout myself...

I went to college for Business graduated back in 2017 and thought my life started in my career but little did I know I was going to discover that I never actually liked business to begin with there was more to me then black & white.

After going through trial against my grandfather for rape, I realized that I never lived for myself but everyone else around me. I started to lose myself in partying and drinking all the time being reckless when it came to my dating life.

Couple months later I found out I had a pre cancerous cell in my breast and that’s when my life switched. I knew I had to do so much more for myself and couldn’t live this reckless life where I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

I was introduced to this company and it’s literally changed my life. No I’m not just saying that just to say it. Not only do I have the healthiest hair ever. I’m working hard to figure out who I truly am as a person, heal from my childhood trauma, and never ever have to work for someone all because of “shampoo”.

But guess what!? This company is more than just shampoo; it’s about personal development, mental health, building routines, community, freedom and truly enjoying life to the fullest.

If you want to change your life this is your sign!

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Healing from Trauma

Follow these steps to start your healing journey!

Phase 1 | Safety, Stabilization, and Overcoming Dysregulation: The first step in recovering from trauma involves reestablishing feelings of safety and stability. Traumatized individuals often do not feel safe in their bodies and their relationships. Regaining a sense of safety involves creating a secure and predictable environment where you are free from physical and emotional injury and have established a degree of emotional stability. This involves the ability to calm your body, soothe your mind, and to be able to manage posttraumatic symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares that may be triggered by common events. The goal of this stage should be to improve life on a daily basis and not continue to re-live the trauma.

Phase 2 | Remembrance, Mourning, and Coming to Terms with Traumatic Memories: This stage involves overcoming fear of the traumatic memories so they may become integrated into your sense of self. . A slow and steady approach that does not “injure” or overwhelm you is the fastest way to success. The goal at this stage is to come to terms with the traumatic event.
This phase also involves the important task of exploring and mourning the losses associated with the trauma and finding a space to grieve and express your emotions. Connection to others is particularly important during this phase. Trauma is considered to be a disconnective disorder, which means it does not typically improve in isolation. To best heal from trauma, you need to be connected to others.

Phase 3 | Reconnection and Integration: In this stage, you create a new sense of self and a new future which involves redefining yourself in regards to meaningful relationships. During this stage, the trauma is no longer a driving force in your life. The trauma becomes part of your life story, although it is no longer the primary story that defines you. You begin to feel empowered and embrace life with purpose and meaning.

Phase 4 |Posttraumatic Growth: Posttraumatic growth is the phase where you may be changed by your experience of trauma and adversity, sometimes in exceptionally powerful ways. Posttraumatic growth is achieved when positive psychological changes are experienced as a result of the trauma or adversity, and this raises you to a higher level of functioning than you may otherwise have achieved. Posttraumatic growth is not about returning to life as it was before the experience, but instead, it is a shift in thinking about how you relate to the world. Many individuals at this stage become advocates for those who are in need or become a voice for those who are abused or traumatized. Some individuals use their experiences to assist others through a healing process.

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