Hi, I’m Ariel Yve

I’ve always had a passion for fashion ever since childhood. I began my styling career in 2018 as an assistant stylist for Law Roach. Since then I’ve worked on various reality tv sets, music videos and photo shoots. While I love working with big name clients, I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the lives of everyday individuals. I decided to devote my business to making my clients look and feel their absolute best by helping them discover and develop their own personal style. I will always be honest while also listening to your specific needs and to make you the best dressed version of yourself.

My services include virtual personal styling, one on one styling and shopping, customized lookbooks, photo shoot styling, personal shopping, closet edits and organization services.


Choose what’s right for you!

Initial Consultation

Ariel Yve will partner with you for a 30-minute complimentary consultation by assessing your style goals, wardrobe challenges and will provide feedback on how to achieve the wardrobe of your dreams. This consultation is held either virtually or in-person.

1:1 Personal Styling

After your consultation Ariel Yve will analyze your specific style needs based on your lifestyle, personality, body type and budget. Ariel Yve will work with you to develop your own personal style by pulling complete outfits together for you.

Ariel Yve will bring these completed looks to the comfort of your home to do a fitting, to see what suits you best.

You simply keep the styles you love and Ariel Yve will return the rest!

Ariel Yve will take photos of completed outfits and will create a Personalized Digital Look Book that is organized by your specific lifestyle (Ex. Weekend Looks, Office Looks, Evening Looks, ect.)

1:1 In-Store Personal Styling

Whether you need to be styled for an occasion or event, need to refresh your wardrobe or need an entire new wardrobe, this services allows Ariel Yve to take you shopping!

Based on your consultation Ariel Yve will map out the best stores based on your specific personal style, body type, lifestyle and budget.

Before you arrive to the store, Ariel Yve will conduct a “pre-pull” where she pulls complete looks for you that are ready for you to try on, allowing you to get more accomplished in less time.

After your In-Store Personal Styling Session, Ariel Yve takes photos of complete looks that you love and curates a Personalized Digital Look Book for you.

1:1 Virtual Styling

Do you need professional style help but don’t live in the Greater Atlanta Area? Don’t worry - Ariel Yve offers her Personal Styling services via FaceTime or Skype as well.

After your consultation, Ariel Yve goes online shopping for you based on your lifestyle, body-type and budget.

Ariel Yve uses her expertise on fit, fabric, functionality, and brands to suggest what she thinks would be best for you.
You simply purchase what you like and Ariel Yve curates a Personalized Look Book for you.

All virtual styling services include one month of unlimited Style Support via text or email directly to and from Ariel Yve.

Wardrobe Edit

Do you have a closet full of clothes yet feel like you have “nothing to wear?” Or maybe you feel like your outfits have been getting dull from wearing them over and over again? Ariel Yve uses this service to give your wardrobe a fresh take.

Ariel Yve partners with you to analyze your current wardrobe to style new outfits out of the pieces that you already own.

Ariel Yve takes pictures of your complete looks and curates a Personalized Digital Look Book for you.

Closet Cleanout

Do you have a closet full of cluttered clothes, shoes, and accessories? Does your wardrobe need to be completely revamped and refreshed? Ariel Yve partners with you to create an action plan to achieve the closet of your dreams.

Ariel Yve goes through your closet with you to de-clutter and get rid of what no longer serves a purpose in your life and wardrobe.
Ariel Yve analyzes the holes in your wardrobe and goes shopping for you to complete your wardrobe.
Ariel Yve advises on what to do with the items you no longer need.


Do you need your closet re-organized? Ariel Yve re-organizes your closet making it accessible and easy for your everyday life.

Ariel Yve partners with you on assessing the items in your wardrobe, your current system, and your specific closet needs.

Ariel Yve creates a personalized system for you based on color coordination, categorization, accessibility, and space.

Packing Assistance

Are you going on a trip and don’t know what to wear? Or maybe you always seem to over-pack when you travel but never seem to have complete outfits?
Ariel Yve creates an action plan around what to pack by giving you complete, interchangeable, and stylish looks for your entire trip.

Ariel Yve goes shopping for you and brings complete looks to your home.
After trying on the complete looks, you simply select what you want and she returns the rest.
Ariel Yve takes photos of the complete looks and creates a Personalized Digital Look Book for you.

Personal Shopping

Do you know what you want, but just can’t seem to find it? Or do you dread going shopping or have no time? Maybe you need a gift for someone but don’t know where to find it?

Ariel Yve will assess your needs in the consultation and go shopping for you.

Ariel Yve brings the items to the comfort of your own home, you select what you want and she returns the rest.

Virtual Personal Shopping

Ariel Yve will assess your needs in the consultation and goes online shopping for you.
Ariel Yve selects many options for you and sends them to you via email.
You simply select what you would like and purchase.

A Personalized Digital Look Book can be added dependent on the items at an additional fee.

Photo Shoot Styling

After your consultation, Ariel Yve partners with you and the team to create your ideal image for your photo shoot.

Ariel Yve goes shopping for you and curates complete, stylish looks.

A fitting beforehand is suggested but not required.

Ariel Yve brings the complete looks to your photo shoot and is there for style support throughout your entire shoot.