Welcome !!

I'm Ari M. Grayson, an artist and composer.

I've been playing music on the flute, clarinet and piano since the age of 8 and writing music since the age of 15. For me, music and art are more than just subjects in school; they're ways for me to express myself; they're ways for me to relax and find joy; they're ways for me to reach others and communicate.


Want to see my portfolio? Well, I'm not sure this is exactly the same thing, but these are my top pieces for you to browse (and feel free to support me by buying one or more of my pieces).

A calm and relaxing piano piece, written to celebrate a friend's birthday. I hope he had a fantastic day!! I started by converting his name into musical notes, which forms the basis for the entire piece. I wanted to try and reflect his personality in this piece - this was difficult because I hadn't seen him at all since quarantine started six months ago (or talked to him much) - which made the process of writing it all the more enjoyable to me. This is one of my favourite pieces because it reminds me so much of him.

This was recorded at the Sound and Music Summer School 2020. This was quite a challenge for me since I'd never written any jazz music before and knew next to nothing about, but after a few days of intensive learning on the course, I was really getting into my groove and enjoying exploring this new genre. I named the piece after finishing it, as the piece has a silky and smooth quality which very much reminded me of the goddess Venus.

This piece is lively and energetic, trying to capture the image of a sunflower field engulfed in light. I got inspiration for this piece on a holiday I took; when we drove past a field full of sunflowers and bathed in golden light, I heard the first motif of the piece in my head and worked on it non-stop to try and create exactly what I saw as we'd been driving.