Welcome to my website

My website talks about my life and my account and much more so prepare for that!

My account!!
My account was inspired by @arianaspearls
I made my account in 11/15/20
I like my account as a comfort account
My account is obviously about Ariana Grande

About me!!
I’m Paula but i go my Misa due to safety reasons
I’m 12 I’m gonna be 13 in November
I’m a Scorpio I’m from the US and I’m Mexican
I have been a fan of Ari since I was 7 and I been in love with her since. I own 4 perfumes from her and two body mist. My favorite album is Thank you next.

My main friends!
Nina,Sophia,Fabiana,Amani,Kimberli,Mariah,Allison,Jayla,Ariella,Joshua, Katie, Darli, Alexa,Amora,Kenzie,Savanna,and my bf

About my life
I been a very shy girl all of my life and never really made friends I also got bullied for not talking and being shy and I also got death threats at a very young age and i never told anyone this because I was scared people were gonna say “oh quit being a dramatic” I was only 7 that’s when I found about Ariana she saved my life she made me happy when no one else would I would listen to her every time I come home from school that would always make my day and I had a few friends but not as many maybe like 2 idk but ye everyday I would have a bad day at school only because people bullied me and made fun of me and one of my friends took my crush from me even tho she knew I liked him. One of my friends Emily stopped being my friend for no reason but we friends now cause I found her on tiktok and Miley she betrayed also my friend Jennifer so ye I been bullied all of my life and I still am getting bullied and I’m in 6th grade like that stupid making someone feel bad about themselves

Coloring is from @statebutera