Ashlee Rivera

“Old ways wont open new doors!”

Hi I’m Ashlee! I’m 30 years old, I am a teacher, momma to a beautiful little girl and I also work for the #1 hair and skin care company on the market! I love being a mommy and I love teaching. Couldn’t think of anything else more rewarding♥️.

A few years ago I was offered an opportunity to partner with an amazing hair & skin care company. I took the leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort zone to do something new, and to be honest it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I am so happy I said YES. Being able to share and sell the best products that I was already using and loved, it was a no brainer! & right from my phone how could I resist, am I right?! However, just like many people I was skeptical of “being that girl” what did I even know about selling hair/skin care? I thought to myself: “I’m an educator not an entrepreneur”...but guess what I am that girl, I’m proud that I became “that girl” and I am proud to say I am an educator and an entrepreneur. This company has changed my life in so many different ways! First and foremost financially, secondly, I’ve made so many friends and lastly, being able to not only teach and mentor others, but change their lives as well!

My hope is to help others get that same financial freedom. We all share the things we love on social media, but why not get paid for it? Work whenever and wherever you want; work on your own time!

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You’re a “Very Important Person!”

•It pays to be a VIP 👇🏼•

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⚡️Customized Hair & Skin routine personalized to your specific hair/skin needs & goals.

⚡️BOTH Hair & Skin products last 3-5 months. Styling products last 6-8 months.

⚡️15% off retail price.

⚡️Purchase Plus Program: Save an additional 15%, 20% or 25% off of your entire order when you meet one or all of the above thresholds.

⚡️FREE Full Size product with every flexship order.


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⚡️$25 Birthday Reward Coupon.