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My colouring tutorial: Rules: if you use this colouring please put “cc:finestchrls” in your bio and not “cc:Leah”! 💘 please give credit even if you change a few things 💕 Prequel• Exposure +35 contrast-26 Highlights -51 Shadow +100 skin tone + 20 sharpen +15 Haze +4 Aberration +65 Bur+10 Filter• Teal 100% Effect• Snow Colourtone• Filter: Coogee 100% Ultralight• Clarity +10 Sharpen +10 Midtones-1

Question ideas•(you don’t have to give me ib)
Did you change your style from last year?
Name a word that doesn’t have “a or e”?
How many likes do you consider a viral vid?
Are we friends on TikTok?
Will you be a adult in 6 years?
Would you say the n word for 1mil?
Say “hi” in the languages you know!
Rarest name will get pinned in the comments!
I’m 5’3,if we met irl would you be taller or shorter?
Do you think ur name fits Addison or Charli?
Have you ever got a notification from me?
We switched bdays is mine still in November?
Tag a fp you would like to meet irl!
Type white rabbit and if 🐇 pops up copylink
!if I gave you my pass would you hack me?
Does your fandom have a “toxic “name?
Who’s a fanpage you’ll never unfollow?
What’s your height backwards?
What’s a colour you would never dye your hair?
My pass is Dunkin1 ,whats yours? (Based on your fandom and bday)
How hard is homework from 1-10?
Dunkin’s try not to change your pfp!(add images)
Without looking guess how long this vid is?
Try make a rainbow with your recent emojis!
Are you on Winter break yet?
Your pregnant your 4th recent emoji is your reaction!
Invent a word,what does it mean?
I ship you and your 1st @ do you agree?
are u scared of horror movies?
how many phones u had?
is ur room aesthetic?
if u fav color is blue u have to copylink!
do you sleep alone or with your parents?
where is your best place for dancing?
are you team night or day?
how much acc u have?
whats your fav drink?
do you take jokes?
whats your favorite font?
whats your favorite shirt?
how long u had your acc?
whats you favorite dc?
how much phones do u have?
what game that you not play anymore but is still on ur phone?
team anime or kpop?
whos your fav youtuber?



Tell the world what you’re made of