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Popular Product

Self Love Body Oil

This blend absorbs easily into the skin, leaving you feeling supple and moisturized, with essential oils and herbs infused that will be like a warm hug to your heart.

This oil brings in that element of sanctity to communicate to you that your body is good, it is trustworthy, and to communicate love and appreciation towards yourself.

The scent is subtle and provides a gentle fragrance invoking feelings of self love and a sense of being grounded. Best enjoyed alone or with a partner. ;)

Popular Product

Abundance & Fertility || Full Moon Oil

The full moon reminds us to celebrate the fullness of life and is here to propel us forward into the abundance that is awaiting us.
This doesn’t just apply to finances, but every area of life.
Is there something you can celebrate during this full moon?
Can you tap into fullness and wholeness this season?

Allow the brightness of the moon to remind you to allow The Creator to illuminate all in your life that needs reflection.
This can be both areas that need growth and areas that simply need to be accepted.

The full moon also represents abundance.

In a woman’s fertility cycle this is reflected most commonly in the ovulation stage.
These oils also help to support healthy ovulation and fertility.

If you are syncing your cycle with the moon stages, don’t forget to leave the curtains open to the moonlight.
Sleeping with a light on if you live in the city will suffice.
This will impact your melatonin production and will communicate to your body that now is a time for energy, celebration, bliss, manifesting, joy and save-the-world-plan-hatching!

Our ancestors made use of the light of the moon and both worked and made love beneath its light!
We can partner with the natural circle of life as God intended by synchronizing with the moon phases.

During the full moon, be full!
Be full of life, abundance and love!

Use this oil to open your nervous system to receive all the abundance that is your birthright as an heir of Heaven.

Wholeness Mirroring

coaching for women merging spirituality + sexuality and alchemizing the ashes of trauma into beauty

"Working with Amanda has been such a transformative experience. She walked me through a process of surrender during a difficult time in my life where I felt stuck and helpless.

By coaching me and helping me to walk all the way through the emotions and pain that I felt, she created space for me to come face to face with my greatest fears without running away. In that space, the chaos all melted away, and I reclaimed my life through surrendered strength.

Amanda continued to give me the tools and resources that empowered me to heal and grow. Working with Amanda has been one of the most powerful experiences that I've personally had in trauma therapy. Highly effective!"

-- Meg Delagrange, CoFounder of Urban Southern®, fine artist: