Hello there! This is a small business of art. We can make special drawings and it can be customized by you! We have different products (swipe to see). We hope you like our business! (Paying info last slide)


The stuff we sell

We sell :

• Phonecases
• Mugs
• Drawings itself
• Printed T-shirts
• Paintings
• Shoes
• Hats
• Socks
• Name cards

- These can be customized by you!

Phone case


This is an example of a customized phone case.
These are 2 euros.

Phone case example 2

DISCLAIMER! The more drawings, how more expensive it gets.
(1 euro per drawing)


This is an example of a hat (bucket hat).
It’s made of cotton and can also be customized.
These are 3,50 euro.


This is an example of our customized shoes.
The quality is really good and is made of cotton.
Shoes are 30 euros.


This is an example of a customized T-shirt.
Made out of cotton, and 5 euro.


These socks can be customized. (example)
It’s made out of cotton.
The price is 3 euro.

Lost pens

These are lost pens looking for a good home.
Each is 0,50 euro

Customized name cards

These are our customized name cards, can be used at school.
Each 4 euro.

We have 2 different kind of papers. Post-it paper and normal paper.

The post-it paper is very good-quality paper and doesn’t rip that easily. The normal cn paper rips faster than the post-it paper. The price difference is in the price of your product itself.

Our prices.

It gets more expensive if you want more drawings on your poduct.

( The prices for products with 1 drawing)
If you want more drawings, count 1 euro per drawing.

Phonecases: 2 euro
Mugs: 3 euro
Drawing itself: 1 euro
Printed T-shirt: 5 euro
Painting: 5,50 euro
Shoes: 30 euro
Hats: 3,50 euro
Socks: 3 euro

(You can customize the color)

Paying info

To order, make sure to dm us via TikTok or e-mail!

We only accept money via bank transfer.

(All handmade in belgium, worldwide shipping.)

Thanks for visiting our website!