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Hi, firstly can I just say a big thank-you for doing me the honour of visiting me.
So how did this all start?
Well .... Covid-19. Didn't it just do a number on us all?
Before March 2020, I was pootling along running my little homewares shop - Artefacts of Whitby - in beautiful, always sunny Whitby. Then, wham, shop closed, tourists gone and me left wondering what now?
Well, I’m not particularly good at doing nothing - just ask the hubby. So, I spent a while cleaning and tidying the house. I live over the shop in a 500-year-old timber framed building - yes, it is fantastic but boy is it dusty and spiders do love those huge, knurled beams. Finally, my family begged me to stop re-arranging the kitchen -
"where's the ****ing coffee now" became a familiar cry.
So, to ease lockdown tensions, I moved onto making Whitby Bloom. I am the chair of Whitby in Bloom - a small local charity and that was great until winter arrived, and rain stopped play! So, with duster neatly folded and trowel hung up, I looked around for another project - this time one which could hopefully bring in a little
much needed cash - well not cash because we can't touch that - but you know what I mean.
Now what you don't know about me is that I'm infamous for changing my hair colour, for my
crazy earrings and for trying to save the world one light bulb at a time! Well hair-dying was
out - hairdressers are even worse off than retailers - but sustainable earrings and home deco - that might work.
So voila, here I am.
If your still here - well done and thank-you! Please feel free to make a small purchase from my etsy store, it'll make me do a little happy jig and more importantly, hopefully, make you smile, and the bonus it won't cost the earth!

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