About —

Welcome to Art of Kintsugi

Art of Kintsugi is a bilingual temporary open agency with a retro-Japanese theme that will bring you back in time. This agency will have a contract for 1 month led by one caretaker.

Art of Kintsugi is originally came from a Japanese word, Kintsugi (金継ぎ), also known as kintsukuroi (金繕い), which means the practise of mending broken pottery with gold or silver to fill the cracks. Kintsugi is a very much representative of human as the "broken" pieces. However, as we seeing the damage in a positive way, we can build a better self. By joining us at Art of Kintsugi, we will embrace each other and mend each other's gaps with happiness like gold itself.


What's so special about joining the Art of Kintsugi? —

Yes, you are the special one!

Art of Kintsugi will provide you a super-comfy home behind a very limited time. During the contract period which will expire after 1 month, Art of Kintsugi will have a special segment where the members will take turns getting the opportunity to lead their own fun sessions.

Members will be randomly selected and will be given the opportunity to hold their own special segment which can be filled with playing games, sharing stories, live radio sessions or watching movies (Mixlr, Rave, etc.) This activity will be held once a week.

Related to events, Art of Kintsugi will provide 2 events that will be held during the contract period, in the middle of the week and the last week before the contract ends. Details of the event will be further informed before the agenda starts.

There will be a DM group that will only actively communicate on the weekends in order to strengthen the relationship between members more effectively. As we know, DM groups are such a fast-paced place that some might feel left out, therefore to avoid feeling left out, DM group will only be active for chat on weekends.

All forms of criticism and suggestions will be very welcome. Feel free to discuss your concerns, share what makes you comfortable or just tell us about your day because our DM will always be open to anyone who needs someone to share.

Caretaker —

Achilles Yoshinaga (アキレス吉永)