About Arts' Studio

~ You can know actually what this site is for!

Hello! To all people who accessed this site!
This is a Arts' Studio where I'll post some arts...
Ugh! Here Arts can be actually mine and as well as yours too! Yes, u got that right! Arts can be of yours too..
You just have to mail your arts to me
The mail id link is down there 👇😉!
🖌️ So, I think you came to know about what actually this site is!
🖌️ Its a new start.. So, I'll expect supports from all around the world 🤍:)
🖌️ All updates to be coming soon.....
🖌️ Its a start.. Just a start!
🖌️ Kindly mention the Artist's name, Theme of the art and the painting mediums along with a jpg. format of your painting attached, and sent it to me via my mail id given 👇
🖌️ The art can be of any type
It can be Doodles, Watercolor, Sketches, Cartoon and anyting!

• Moreover, Arts' for all... Feel free to share your creations, I'll share mine too 🤍!

Arts' Section

Here, Arts' of all and for all

My mail id is given at the bottom of the intro page! So, hurry up mail me your amazibg creations and they'll be published here 🤍!

DISCLAIMER: Here you can get similar pics from google, Pinterest or any other social sites! I'll mention those separately..

• My arts are also here 🦋

Art_01 by Shramana Saha

Theme of art:
This painting is mainly an INDIAN CONTEMPORARY ART!
🖌️ It has three folk singing women with their musical instruments

• Art medium:
White paper, Acrylic paints, Round and Acrylic Brushes

Art_01 by Shramana Saha