Why Artsy Love started

What made me start my business

So as a baby I was diagnosed with biliary atresia and needed a liver transplant. Since then I’ve had to wear a medical ID bracelet. The only bracelets around at the time where metal chains. So that’s what I got.

I thought they were ugly and boring. That was definitely not my style. I liked sparkles and bright colors. I was very vocal about my opinions on the chain.

When I got older (in middle school) I saw some really pretty beads. My mom let me get them and the other supplies I needed. When I got home I went to work on making a pretty bracelet for my medical ID tag. I really like it but it broke pretty soon.

I just kept trying and making new bracelets. I would reuse the beads from my broken bracelets to make new designs. I got really good at it too. I tried a lot of different techniques to make them better.

By Freshman year I had some really good bracelets. I was getting lots of compliments. My mom said that since I have a lot of friends who also have to wear ID tags. That maybe I should make them some.

It was a good Idea. Before the end of my freshman year I had started selling my bracelets. Sophomore year I made my business cards and an Instagram. Junior year I made a Facebook and Snapchat.

Senior year I was in my first vendor event. I realized Snapchat wasn’t gonna work out and got rid of it. My second senior year I started TicTok and Etsy. I’m still learning but I’ve come so far. I’m so proud of where I am and I’m gonna keep pushing to do better.

Thank you for reading this all the way though ❤️

Why I Make Perfume

A small backstory

Why Perfumes

A Little More About My Perfumes

Why Artsy Love

The reason why I started my small business

As a kid I always had to wear a medical ID bracelet. But they were all metal and ugly. It was like just wearing a chain around my wrist and I hated that. Just because I have a disability does not mean that I can’t also be fashionable.

One day My mom picked up some beads at the store. So I started to make my own bracelets. I quickly found out I was actually pretty good, but I also knew a lot of friends that also had disabilities.

So I started to make bracelets for my friends. It was another way to express ourselves. So I turned it into a business because everyone deserves the choice to Express them selves and be fashionable. so I started my business so that not everyone has to wear an ugly chain with our medical ID tags.