About the artist

Who I am

I’m a 17 yr old artist from New South Wales, Australia. I have been making and creating since a young age. I’ve always had a passion for art and still do till this day. As cheesy as it sounds I don’t think I would be the same girl I am not if it wasn’t for being as creative and artistic as I am. It’s shaped me into the artist that I am not.

When I was a little girl I never gave up on my dreams I’m so grateful that I had my family and friends to support me and gave me everything I needed to become as creative as possible. I think it all started when I first finger painted in pre-school and picked up a pencil. Because since then I’ve never been able to live without art.

I started my art account in 2019 and since then I’ve grown to just over 400 followers. Not only that but I met amazing artists from all around the world via my account. I feel as though the art community is very welcoming and everyone is supportive.

My best artworks

Must see!!

Here are some of my works that I’m most proud of.


This collection of works was something that helped me grow as an artist. It pushed me to achieve the best possible results. I ended up getting at 90/100 for the collection that I made on COVID 19. During lockdown and online learning I came with my social issue I narrowed it down to COVID 19 as I thought it fit the time period. It ended up being my favourite collection of works I’ve made


This artwork was a picture I was inspired by on Pinterest.
Just like glass, we as people are often fragile and this artwork represents just that.

Run away koala

Being an Australian artist I was living through the devastating bushfires. The 2019/20 bushfire season was a summer that I’ve never experienced in the past.
When I saw the koalas being the main wildlife impacted due to the fires I decided to do an image of a koala escaping the fires. This image isn’t that an imaginary image it was captured by many media networks.

The unknown girl

This is one of my absolute favourite drawing I’ve done. It captures a girl not being able to see or voice her opinion and having to hide and stay quiet to stay alive or else she may face extreme consequences.

The skull

This was an artist practice painting on Ben Quilty’s artwork called the “skull”.
This was made in year 11 visual arts as we were studying Ben Quilty and then created one of his artworks of our choices.
He’s practice is seen to have lots of texture and personal connections with it.

Year 12 Major Work

Collection of works

Follow the journey of my major work for visual art. Coming in 2021