Hi Friend, My name is Stephanie 🌊

Shalom ✌

I am just a girl who is captivated by the heart of Abba Father.

Pursuing His heart, Intimacy, and Restoration/Arukah.

I desire for you to be restored in your physical health, emotional health and spiritual health as well.

You are an arrow! (Psalm 127:3-5)
No matter what your story is, you are a gift!
You are gift in His eyes and in mine.

A true ~ "Arukah Arrow". 🏹

My Top Picks

Take care of YOURSELF

From your mind, soul, spirit, to your body, and even inside your gut...

NO ONE will take care of you better than YOU! You deserve to feel spectacular inside and out!

You, are worth it!

From that alone, away time from your kiddos to squeeze in a workout. You are worth it! You are worth carving a fraction of your time out of your day to better your health. You are worth it! To feel stronger, to have more endurance, and to achieve your own fitness goals. You are so worth it!

  1. Gut Health

    Gut Health

    Let's face it, as women we deal with ALOT of personal down there issues, if you catch my drift. There's nothing like trying to balance the hormones of your monthly cycle, plus imbalances due to an overgrowth of yeast. This can cause a variety of issues, as well just down right irritating discomfort. After years of personally dealing with such issues, I believe I have found something that my just work for about anyone.

    Plexus is designed to:

    Helps keep intestinal yeast in balance*

    Helps support a healthy intestinal tract*

    Supports healthy digestion*

    Helps improve natural response to imbalance*

    Promotes healthy bacteria counts and pH levels in the gut*

  2. Healing & Restoration

    Healing & Restoration

    The Recipe of all healing starts at the root. It's deeper than our flesh.

    It's in our spirit. I believe the best way for us to heal, restore, and grow is through the body of Christ. We are His workmanship!

    Connect with me and other women through a Biblical book study via email. Every other month, I select a book for women based off of a topic that is laced with scriptures, devotions, and prayer.

    We discuss each chapter of the book, along with prayer requests through email, and our takeaway from the chapter. I open the discussion forum each week.
    Will you join me?

    Don't hesitate to reach out. You are HIS arrow!