Asabe Maiyaki


I am Asabe Maiyaki, a woman of many interests.. 😁

I am a Medical doctor, fashion designer, business woman, sister, friend, fierce lover...

I really like interesting books, action movies, art, intelligent people, traveling, meeting new people and experiencing the sweet things of life.

I strongly believe:
- True joy is Jesus, Others, You.
- Every Nigerian should have equal access to quality healthcare, and
- Women deserve to be sexy and comfortable in well tailored outfits.

#DrAsabe M.D 👩🏽‍⚕️

I am a versatile, meticulous, and industrious Medical Doctor with 3+ years of practical experience, across clinical care, private practice, nongovernmental organizations and volunteering.

I have a burning desire to contribute and ultimately take up lead roles in nonclinical health policy and management programs focused on improving access to emergency health care in Nigeria.

Intern Year - Finding the balance

Here, I wrote about a defining moment in my medical career - Intern year, my experience, some useful tips and the future.


I believe:
- Jesus is the son of God,
- Jesus died for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2),
- Jesus was buried,
- Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day (Rom. 6:4), (1st Corinthians 15:3-4),

All to make man, one with God (Ephesians 2:6).

I attend @OikiaccUK where our priority is God’s word, manifesting God’s power and serving humanity.

#CRC2023 - Charismatic Renewal Conference 🥳

Charismatic Renewal Conference (#CRC2023) - is THAT meeting —> You should not miss.
Take this as my invitation to a life changing 3-day meeting with Jesus & men, women and children who love Jesus a lot!

Dates: April 6 - 9, 2023

UK & Europe:
YouTube: Oikia Christian Centre
(I’ll add these links to my bio so it’s easier for you to register. If you have questions, send a DM)

This year’s theme is SEATED & see I am excited becausee I can NOT wait to see and hear what God has for us to run with this season.
My next spot will feature the speakers (keep an eye out for that one!)

PS: I have found what to use draft photos for, Cheers to all involved 🤝


Register for CRC2023

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Lifegate Devotional by Oikiacc

Your Bible Study does not have to be boring!
Intentionally cultivate that fire and build a consistent, daily study style with Lifegate Devotional.

Grap your copy now!

Church: @Oikiacc

At the time of this write up,
I attend @OikiaccLekki and I am always speaking about this family of saints growing, connecting, serving humanity and manifesting God's character through the knowledge of Jesus Christ!


The first time I knew anything about Oikiacc was 100L, Unilag -> through my friends, Kemi, Shallom, KK, Dami & Seyi.

We used to hangout and randomly meet to pray and whenever we met to pray in their room. Omo 🔥

They were really just different.
Prayer life 💯
Commitment to the word 💯

Andd they were all somehow connected to THCC (fmr name), now @Oikiacc

One Saturday, one of the members was in my room preaching to my roommates when I walked in and I’m like this Church again 😅

Fast forward to when I finallyy attended a service @Oikiacc

Pastor Femi Olaleye’s preaching was easy and the focus was the word. We read through several scriptures and while watching him pray for people after service - I knew this was home.

I can easily say my life is different, better and I can connect that to @Oikiacc

When people say weird things like you are always posting about your church, I say: I found something good and you will hear it.

If you are looking for a church to call home too, @Oikiacc is big enough to call family and small enough to set YOU on fire in the right path.

We have branches at Lekki, Surulere, Ejigbo, Ikeja, United States, United Kingdom and many more in the works. All our services are streamed online on Youtube and Facebook (Oikia Christian Centre).

Join us and watch your life transform for better 🥳

If you have questions or want to talk, my DM is open.

Find all things Oikiacc: #Oikiacc #OikiaccMega

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