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The Important Stuff👇🏾

Natural hair products and tools go hand and hand.

My personal favorite styling tools are heatless curl rods to enhance any hairstyle.

Amazon has all your favorites:


The Octocurl

Perfect curling tool for quick heatless overnight curls. This tool is wrapped in satin to protect curls


The Black Woman’s Hair Bible

Everything you have always wanted to know about hair but didn’t know who to ask. 


Bonnet Hood Dryer Attachment

Speeds Up Drying Time at Home. Best for setting rods sets.


Perm Rods

Long lasting Plastic Pink Rods for Perm Rod Sets.


Heatless Curling Ribbon

Overnight curls. Easy to use and more importantly sleep in. I’ve tried this tool on blown out hair and also on straightened hair as well. Both times turned out great. Leaves hair loose and wavy


Magic Hair Roller/ Spoolies

Soft, silicone rollers for heatless curls! Comes with 20 small and 20 large spoolies!



Soft, bendable plastic rollers. Leaves curls pillow soft, perfect for professional photos


Loop Rods

Long lasting heatless rod set. This is the only hairstyle that last more than one week! Super tiny and defined curls! I use the big green ones in the back and the smaller pink ones in the front.


Flexi Rods

Beautiful soft heatless curls. Pairs perfect with a light mousse. Set comes with different rod thicknesses to get your desired look


Shark HyperAIR

Ultra-fast hair dryer. Comes in 3 colors- Rose, Matcha, Stone


How to - Black Haircare

My name is Aleia, better known as AsAlwaysAleia, welcome to my carefree kick-ass community, where limitations are only as far as you put them!

Like many of you, I spent long nights sitting by the oven as my mother would press my hair straight, using intense, unforgivable heat. Little did I know, this would have long term affects on the health of my hair.

It wasn’t until my Sophomore year of college where I finally decided to put down the heat. This small decision unlocked a new world of wonders and countless hours YouTubing:

“How to - Black Haircare”

After 8 years natural, I felt as though I’ve gained enough knowledge and experience to share my best advice and pro tips for those just starting their natural hair journey or would like to take hair growth to the next level!

I have been featured on top natural hair brands social media platforms and websites, interviewed by public health educators and is apart of a community that supports positivity and healthy living!

My platform introducing the best beginner friendly black hair growth practices for those trying to grow healthy thick hair.

Follow me on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube @AsAlwaysAleia, where we ALWAYS keep it real!

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