Hi, I’m Ash

I decided to create these products because I have a huge passion for doing play at home activities with my kids & showing other parents that it can be super simple, using many of the items you already have at home.

I am a primary school teacher with 10 years experience, so you could say this really is my thing!

I want to share my experiences with other parents, because I know sometimes it's hard to know what to do with our kiddies.

I really hope you find my guides and activities useful & I hope it provides you with much fun, one-on-one quality time with your children.

Flick through the pages here to see my products.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions ♡

Ash x

1-3 Year Old Play at Home Guide (example page)

This is my guide for simple play at home activities, using house hold & basic craft items. Inside you will find 60 play at home activities. Each activity has a list of what you need, a brief instruction & a photo. I have kept the guide as simple as possible, where you need minimal items & very few instructions to keep your little one occupied.

I created this guide to inspire parents and caregivers to create simple play activities at home.

It has 60 activities that you can set up at home to keep your babe occupied - that’s TWO months worth of play!

The guide has activities that use everyday house hold items from baking trays to sponges, recyclable items, simple craft items and simple toys.

I have a list of these things at the beginning of the book, for a clear guide of the items you need.

This guide is perfect for anyone with children who are 1 year old+ and is also the perfect gift for a loved one who is having a baby, a toddler birthday or for someone who has a child having their first birthday.

Hard Copy $35 (postage additional)
Ebook $25

3-5 Year Old Busy Book

This is my Busy Book filled with 23 pages of reusable activities for your toddler

The Busy Book includes the following activities
⤀ learning how to spell their name
⤀ tracing practice
⤀ drawing
⤀ velcro activities
⤀ matching activities
⤀ colouring in
⤀ number & counting practice
⤀ alphabet familiarity

Your toddler will use the set of whiteboard markers (which are included) to complete the activities, which can then be rubbed out using a tissue, ready to be done again (and again and again!)

The Busy Book comes in a personalised document wallet to keep everything together.

This is the perfect educational product for a toddler, which can be conveniently brought along to dinner, holidays, planes and any occasion where children need to wait and keep busy.

The Busy Book contains activities for school readiness that are also appropriate for toddlers.

$45 (postage additional)

Night Routine Chart

This is my Night Routine Chart which can be used each night to keep structure and routine around bed time. This chart gives responsibility to the children, by them reading and ticking off the steps they take leading up to bed time

Help the chaos of bed time by using my Night Routine Chart.

This is a laminated chart, where a whiteboard marker is used to tick off each step as it is completed (whiteboard marker included).

Children thrive off routine, and this chart allows children to practice independence and have responsibility around getting themselves ready for bed.

I like to write the time next to each step, to keep myself on track during the night wind down also!

This Night Routine Chart is fully personalised to your night routine! Work with me to write the perfect list of steps to suit you, your child & your household.

$15 (postage additional)