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My name is Ashley and I live in Florida with my boyfriend Mike. He has a beautiful daughter and we have three awesome pets.

I came into Seint beauty when my step mom hosted a party. I was sick of my boring makeup routine using blush and bronzer.

I used the product and instantly fell in love. I have always had issues with self confidence and not feeling good in my own skin. After many weight loss journeys and self improvement I was able to gain confidence and love for myself when using makeup.

It was easy to use, light coverage that makes my skin glow.

Are you sick of the same dull routine? Let me help you!

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All women are beautiful

Helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are is life changing!

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How to get your perfect shades..

Take that selfie (snap)

Want a free color Match?
1. Open those blinds and face the direct sunlight
2. Turn your camera on and face the camera at your beautiful face
3. Snap that selfie and PM me or text
4. Provide me some deets on your three top makeup goals
5. Message received- I will provide you your perfect color match!Match!
6. Place your order and fall in love!!

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Before & Afters

Keeping your face flawless, natural and glowing