About Me

Tell the world what you’re made of.

I am a multi-tasking master at being a Mom of three boys and running my business. I am a motivated, authentic, business professional with a servant’s heart. I would love to help you grow and run your business so that you have more time for you to spend it however makes you the most happy. Let’s be successful together and achieve and surpass new heights!

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Customizable to fit your needs

• Email Organization
• Appointment Scheduling
• Social Media Management
• CRM Management
• Marketing
• LinkedIn Maintenance
• Supplies Ordering
• Book Travel/Conferences/Tradeshows
• Swag Creation/Ordering

#1 Need for business owners - Email Management

Here is an example of multiple email accounts being managed by me and have been re-organized to fit specific needs of client.

Email Management

#2 Need for business owners - Social Media Help

How many times do you find yourself looking back at your FB or IG accounts and realized you had not posted in several days?

Or, maybe you feel like your posts do not receive a lot of attention or are not reaching many people?

Let’s discuss your current strategy and posts and see what we can improve!

#3 Need for Business Owners - Business Tracking & Marketing

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of contacts you have?
Do you wish you had an organized system to view contacts, track meetings and add notes?
Do you use a CRM program or interested in using one?