About Me


hi hi! i’m ashleigh burns and i’m literally all about fitness & nutrition & an aesthetic lifestyle! i’m a party girl mixed with THAT GIRL. who drinks green smoothies. loves cooking vegan food, traveling, working out & MUCH MORE! i also love to inspire people to be more confident in themselves and encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle💚🌱☺️
insta: fancyash_


vegan foods/skin care products + much more!

hi! i’m here to share w you some vegan foods/ skin care products i been loving. or anything i love in general but i feel that’s mostly my main 2 things i always obsess over haha. but don’t worry it won’t be boring! 💚🍜


when you click the link you’ll see my example of how i make my vegan bagel burger! i have been OBSESSED with this meal for weeks! i highly recommend for something quick and simple + you’ll see more vegan ideas on my board! •everything bagel •garlic hummus •lettuce •tomato •beyond burger patty


for years i been searching for the right skin care. i have bad acne scars from my childhood since i struggled w acne for a good while as a kid. i had a bad relationship with my skin. i personally use only the monat foam cleanser & the lightweight moisturizer and my skin GLOWS! and gives a healthy glow & makes my skin super soft & give it texture


when you add a corn/flour tortilla w rice,beans, guac & pinco ...i feel you really dont need the rest! especially when you have amazing quac! i love to simple sometimes but when i’m feeling extra i use vegan ground beef crumbles for that meaty flavor in tacos! 🌮💚


i feel it’s super important not only to take care of your body on the inside but make sure you take care of you on the outside. take some some for you out of your week and make it a habit. run a nice bubble bath. put on a nice face mask. deep condition your hair. put on a happy playlist ☺️ dont let life ruin your mood! if you ever need to speak to anyone about something that’s bothering you. DM me on my insta (fancyash_) or talk to a friend. you’ll be okay.


idk why but i love a trendy “grunge” style! i fucking love corset tops. i feel they match w anything & i’m all about nice ripped jeans w a flannel so a corset top makes the outfit have more character and it’s unique to me & i love it SO MUCH.


me & my bf made a little tradition every sunday we would go hiking & of course i always take my baby pup theo ☺️ even tho my boy is 4 hahaha. ANYWAYS! i feel it’s so important to get your body moving. get that sunshine & take time off your phone for a bit & enjoy nature! planning on packing a picnic one of these sundays & go all out. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


this has been my usual for literally the LONGEST TIME! i love the refreshing taste of the lemonade while having the matcha benefits! and it’s only $4 for a venti! it’s seriously worth it💚


okay so i make it a MUST to journal every morning & night in my routines. i HIGHLY recommend the five minute journal! it makes you think about what your grateful for & how you can be better. it really makes you focus on the good in life & also is a great way to manifest! it’s only $30 on amazon! but if you wanna be a budget king/queen like me hahah you can always get a journal from anywhere. i think journaling is important for your mental health & is a organized way to keep track of your thoughts & it’s something to look back too for memories & really see how you grown & flourished.


such a healthy filling breakfast you’ll LOVE!

this recipe is SUCH a crowd favorite! everytime i let people try it they get a little hesitant only cause there tofu lmao BUT tofu has no flavor? so you can’t go wrong with making it whatever you wanna taste like!

the recipe!

•extra firm tofu
•lemon OR lemon juice (the juice is way easier)
•italian seasoning/oregano/garlic powder/
•TUMERIC (definitely a need! makes the scramble have that intense color)
•PRO TIP: use a good amount of seasoning for that extra flavor.
•olive oil (or any oil or your choice)
•1 mixing bowl
•& a skillet


get the mixing bowl and crumble up the tofu to make it look like a scramble. squeeze 2 lemons (lemons add the flavor!) or add the lemon juice (use about 5 big tablespoons) and the turmeric (the seasoning turmeric adds the intense yellow color that makes it look like scramble eggs) and then add a lot of the seasoning and mix it all up and let it sit. On a skillet, heat it to medium heat and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and then add the veggies! chop up the tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, spinach and sauté them till the spinach wilts and the onion are lightly brown and then add the tofu mixture and mix it up and sauté that shit! for about a good 3 or 4 minutes and then put it in a bowl or plate and add ketchup and your done! (I suggest to put ALOT of spinach cause spinach wilts very small)
i like to add sliced avocado & pico on top!


such a summer time favorite!

SO.. i been making this smoothie recipe for a good amount of time now. either it’s just a smoothie or i make it a smoothie BOWL & add some of my favorite toppings so imma show you what i do :)

• 1 ripe banana
•frozen bag of mixed berry blend (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries.)
• 2 tablespoons of caco powder
• 1 scoop of the vega protein powder (chocolate)
• 1 tablespoon of agave
• acai packet
•vanilla almond milk ✨✨
for a smoothie bowl i basically do the same thing & for my bowls i use ✨coconut bowls✨ haha. & i like to add
•love crunch peanut butter & chocolate granola OR the protein peanut butter granola from trader joe’s.
•chopped strawberries
•chopped bananas
•coconut flakes (sometimes)









4 ingredient chocolatey breakfast!


2 mashed bananas
1/4 cup of peanut butter
2 table spoons of caco powder
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
add vegan chocolate if wanted

microwave for 2 mins
top it off with some fruit!

my everyday morning routine!

everything i usually do first thing in the morning!

from the first thing i do when i wake up,
to skin care, breakfast i usually eat & more!

checking the socials!

yes yes we all do it, & i heard it’s not the best for you, when i try to not be on my phone immediately when i wake up, i go on my laptop & check my amazon storefront where i post all clean girl aesthetic things should definitely check it out!
i like to add things during my morning & THEN i be checking my socials.. also checking emails etc, then i get up & start making my bed without hesitation, makes me feel more put together & makes me function. 💚


for me doing my skin care is the most thing i look forward too in the morning. makes me feel so clean & refreshed!☁️🧼 some of the products i recommended here are linked in my store! i love a great cheap find! don’t have to have expensive products to have good skin.

taking the nourish pills

since i’m vegan/vegetarian-ish, i have to take vitamins to keep up with my health. i take vitamin D & iron pills once a day, super important to keep my red blood cell count since meat is the last thing on earth id ever want to eat haha. also i take gut health supplements & women’s probiotic. listed all my supplements i use & take on my storefront but here’s the link to my favorite gut health supplement!


ahhh breakfast, my second favorite part about waking up haha. it really depends on what i feel in the morning, i been loving trader joe’s hash browns with mashed avocado on top.. BOMB! it could something simple as cereal or a smoothie, i love taking a nice 20 min walk to journeys coffee & get their matcha mango smoothie! yum yum with their avocado toast! avocado toast has to be my fav go too breakfast every morning i have to say, plus a nice vegan protein bar. i have everything i usually eat for breakfast or before the gym, during my day, fav snacks etc linked at my storefront! 🌱🥑🍞 it’s under “health & wellness”

the gym!

yes the gym :) my favorite place in the world. i try to go every morning & come back in the evening! i been going to the gym 3-4 times a week! i mostly focusing on cardio, core, abs, & back. i go on the treadmill for about 30 min- a hour. always fluctuate between my workout with my incline, usually i start with 10 incline with 3.0 speed & keep going up & up with the incline as i’m drinking my pre workout which i’ll link right here! this pre workout literally keeps me so energized & gets me so into my workout i don’t wanna stop working out haha. it gets me to burn 300+ calories just on the treadmill! talk about a cardio junkie haha. fitness means so much to me plus i take morning walks to get my steps in, 10,000 steps a day is the goal!