My story

What is keeping you so loyal to a life that has you so stuck?

Hey I’m Ashleigh,

And Im fur mumma to my horse Torida Jay, and my little black Labrador Lexi

And before I jump into more of what I actually do here online, I’d love to share a bit of my story

Because 2 years ago I was actually in a really different place

See, I used to be the kind of person always bouncing between jobs never quite finding something that would stick

And it was because I kept finding myself trapped in the same familiar cycle

Emotionally burnt out
Financially stressed
Tired, uninspired and left with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness

My animals were what my world revolved around, but even they had become a source of stress
As I worried about how I was going to afford to keep them long term

Having already tried my hand at, vet nursing, dog training, art and cleaning
I felt like I was running out of options
Because nothing was moving me closer towards my goal of true freedom

Financial freedom
Time freedom
Emotional freedom

And the realisation that if nothing changed, I was going to be in exactly the same place for the next year
2 years
5 years or even more

And that was what actually inspired me to take radical action and jump into something I had no experience with

Which was right here online
In the same way that perhaps you are here looking for yourself

Because in that moment everything changed
And I knew that the moment I said yes

And I’ll admit, it was such a stretch outside my comfort zone
But I also saw that this was my ticket out
My ticket to the financial freedom I so deeply craved

And It also gave me the opportunity to let go of the version of me that was scared, afraid and stressed
And allowed me to embrace the new version of me that I’d often dreamed about


And I found all of that here online
The doors of opportunity that have opened up for me since I started online in digital affiliate marketing, have been truly mind boggling

Within 12 months I saw myself creating an income that would regularly out earn my other job.
And in just over 2 years I will soon be able to pursue my online business full time and have it be my sole income.

Realising that true freedom of both time and income was actually possible

And even for someone like me, who has never ventured into something like this before
Is really what sets my soul on fire

And I am here now to inspire you to do the same.

Because you may never be ready, we never truly are, but you can be brave, and the universe always listens to brave

You’ve got this, let’s go!