My Pilates Passion

I am a Comprehensively Certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor. I never thought this would be my job, as I originally studied to be a Genetic Counselor. I always knew I wanted a job that connected me with people on a deeper level; to help them grow and love themselves. Teaching Pilates has given me that ability to connect with so many people of different paths and aid the world through movement.

Pilates and movement in general has always been a vital part of my life. Growing up in a health club certainly has its perks, such as early exposure to fitness modalities like Pilates and Yoga. When I was about 12 years old, I began training 1on1 on the Pilates Reformer to condition myself and prevent injuries for my competitive softball pitching career. Pilates made me strong in ways my weight lifting couldn’t, and I still attribute it to keeping me from rotator cuff surgery. Most recently, I have used Pilates to prepare and recover from an emergency c-section delivery with my son. No matter your background, Pilates can help to sustain your body. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just need to be able to move without pain in your day to day life, Pilates can help. That’s the true beauty of this fitness modality. It really can be catered to every body, for any purpose.

I began my teaching journey in 2016 at my Dad’s boutique Personal Training club, Metro Fitness. Soon after becoming certified for Pilates Mat and Reformer, my husband and I decided to uproot from our hometown of Syracuse NY and see what Colorado had in store. I finished my comprehensive training while in CO and worked for several amazing studios around the Denver Metro area. Colorado was a necessary chapter in my book to learn and grow in myself and my Pilates career. The pandemic brought us back home to Syracuse, NY a little sooner than anticipated, but now I’m excited to bring my expertise and experience of teaching movement back to the space my journey began. I recently launched my own Pilates Studio within Metro Fitness Club, with the help of 2 other wonderful instructors. Our studio is limited to 4 in a class for personalized attention and we are also available for 1on1 and small group private lessons. Check out the link to our studio page to see more!

Metro Pilates Studio

Group Pilates Classes

My YouTube Channel

Let’s get moving!

Here you will find Mat Pilates classes and tutorials of all different lengths to fit your schedule. New to my channel, Prenatal Pilates Mat safe for all trimesters! I aim to teach you to love your own body, mind, and soul, and move how it feels right. You’ll learn proper Pilates form, flow, and breath. I understand that Pilates is not always affordable or accessible in person, but I believe everyone should have access so I created this channel.
Follow the direct links to my favorites!

Prenatal Mat- Short & Sweet Side Lying Flow

Beginner Pilates Flow

Magic Circle Matness

PiYo Bedtime Flow

Kitchen Chair Barre

Yoga Block Flow

My Top Picks

Pilates Props

Fitness props that I enjoy for at home workouts. Where to get all the booty bands, balls, rings, and more without breaking your bank!

Loop Bands

Super versatile if you can get them in a set ranging from light to heavy tension. Great for hip strengthening or use for your arms for that nice toned effect.

Balance Disc

Great for working on your balance. I like the acupressure side to put under my back for relief. We also add this to our desk chair to help aid posture support.

Full Length Foam Roller

If you could only buy one prop, this is the one I think everyone needs to own. Endless potential for myofascial release work, and very challenging stability work. The best of both worlds!

Pilates Ball

This little squishy will offer you so much feedback on your mat, you’ll never want to do Pilates without props again!