About Ashley

Helping women become the badasses they were too tired to be yesterday!

Alexa, play Miranda Lamberts song “We Should Be Friends”

Hey ya’ll, I’m Ashley! Welcome to my little corner of Instagram!
I’m 23, and have been with my boyfriend David for 8 years! I work full time for my parents landscaping business - I mow lawns, plant flowers and plow snow, and I love it!
I have a 9 year old Chestnut Mare Thoroughbred who gives me a run for my money daily!
I’m an only child, a Libra through and through, and cuss....A LOT!
Recently I’ve started following this new passion of mine being an online fitness/lifestyle influencer. I love helping women become the true badasses they want to be!

Now, lets get a little personal.
2 summers ago, I took an internship through college for my dream job. It was the first summer I didn’t work for the business everyday. I had to drive 1.5 hours to and from work every.single.day. And I HATED it. What I thought was my dream job, turned out to be a complete shit show. I was working ridiculous hours, weekends, leaving home at 4am to be someplace by 6am, and not return home till 9 or 10pm some nights. Some days I actually had things to do, other days I sat around with my thumb up my ass, or organized a back room closet full of shit. I was used to such a fast paced environment, and this was the complete opposite.
I had a desk to myself in the upstairs office, and I stuffed it with all the snacks known to man. I would eat on my drive to work. Drink a shake once I arrived to my desk. I would continuously snack throughout the day. We ate out for lunch almost everyday. Snack some more. Then would eat on my drive home to keep myself awake. And by snacking, I don’t mean carrots and fresh fruit. It was cookies, chips pretzels, candy, alllll the sweet stuff.
That summer, I gained almost 20 pounds. I was severely stressed and burnt out. I was so happy that the internship was finally over, then the holidays came. Then winter was over, and I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I was disgusted with myself.
Then my Health Coach came into my life and changed everything for me, and that’s what I want to do for you!