Hey there, sweet cheeks!

“We’re all mad here…”

hi! Welcome!
If you’re reading this you’re either a rando just wanting to creep on my life orrrr you’re genuinely interested in getting to know more about me….I’m gonna pray it’s the second option. 🙈

Let me sum it up for ya…

I’m just a small town twenty-something girl mama, whose in love with a bearded man, that moved cross country to Florida to live out her dream of working at Disney…oooo then life hit & played a pretty good joke on her and she had to leave it all behind. So we drove back a couple thousands miles and now live in Texas….so ya know, we are just thriving.

My account will be filled with daily adventures of being a mom of 2 crazy redheaded girls, Disney things, maybe some funny memes, & every once in awhile I’ll share my cute manis I’m obsessed with. So I mean, if you’re into any of that, then you’re in the right place.

In the end, feel free to reach out if you ever have questions about the above topics, need help with deciding what park is your go-to (this should always be MK first..😜), or even just need someone to vent/chat with about the struggles of being a mom. I’m all ‘ears! 🫶🏼.

Ohp the kids are screaming….that’s my que!

With love,
Ash 🖤